Saturday, March 25, 2023
Saturday, March 25, 2023

    Biden says Defense Sec must be appointed before Jan. 20: ‘We will remain in this dark winter pandemic’

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    President-elect Joe Biden declared key seats in the cabinet must be filled immediately as the U.S. ‘remains in this dark winter pandemic’ which Biden expects to ‘deepen,’ Your Content has learned.

    “It’s my expectation and hope that the Senate will now move to confirm these nominees promptly and fairly,” President-elect Biden said. “It is especially the case for the nominees of Secretary of State, Defense, Treasury and Homeland Security. Given what our country has been through the last few days–they should be confirmed as close to Jan. 20th as possible. There should be no vacancies at State, Defense, Treasury and Homeland Security.”

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    “We will remain in this dark winter of pandemic with the economic crisis that is deepening and we have no time to lose in regard to its entirety.”

    Developing now… Details to follow.

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