Thursday, June 1, 2023
Thursday, June 1, 2023

    Decorated Philadelphia Police Staff Inspector Joseph Bologna CLEARED of Baseless Claim by DA Krasner

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    Decorated Staff Inspector Joseph Bologna Jr, who is assigned to the Police Department’s Patrol Bureau, was cleared Friday of wrongdoing after being run through the mill by DA Larry Krasner, Your Content has learned.

    As Your Content readers know, Inspector Bologna was charged in June after video emerged of an incident in which protesters grappled with cops and one student was struck by a baton as he snatched it from the officer’s hands.

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    Bologna’s attorney said a lack of evidence from witnesses lead to the charges being dismissed, FOX 29 was first to report.

    According to attorneys Fortunato Perry and Brian McMonagle, Bologna has the option to be fully reinstated to his original position but remains unsure about returning to the force.

    While I have not been made privy to the entirety of the information that led to Mr. Krasner’s decision to charge Staff Inspector Bologna today, I am aware that the charges stem from an incident involving the application of force,” Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw previously said.

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    The incident unfolded in June during a riot at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway protesting the death of George Floyd.

    It was around 5.30pm, as the city’s 6pm curfew neared, and police were apparently attempting to disperse the crowd and get them to go home.

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