Thursday, September 21, 2023
Thursday, September 21, 2023
Thursday, September 21, 2023

Gas prices soar to new high of $4.71 nationally as inflation impacts multiple industries




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Gas prices in the United States have reached a new high, hitting $4.71 per gallon just a day after setting a record. The national average surged by four cents overnight, with the current average price standing at $4.71 per gallon, Your Content has learned.

Notably, seven states have now surpassed the $5 mark, with California and Nevada leading the nation in terms of the highest prices.

Inflation continues to have a widespread impact across various sectors in the US, including the gas, food, and electricity industries.

Rising prices have become a significant concern for consumers and policymakers alike.

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President Joe Biden, aged 79, acknowledged the challenges during a recent statement, noting that gas and food prices are unlikely to decrease in the near future due to the complex dynamics at play.

Experts concur with the president’s assessment, asserting that there are limited options available to address the astronomical prices.

The west and east coasts are particularly affected, with California experiencing the highest average price exceeding $6 per gallon, followed by Nevada at $5.30.

Conversely, the southern region of the country is witnessing comparatively lower prices, with an average ranging from approximately $4.19 to $4.36 per gallon, according to NewsFeed.

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