Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Tuesday, September 26, 2023

NJ Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Greg Stefan After Your Content Exposé Reveals Grave Scam

Vineland, New Jersey — The Vineland Police Department has issued an arrest warrant for Greg Stefan, following an in-depth investigation by Your Content that unveiled a fraudulent scheme targeting residents in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The scam, which initially started in Pennsylvania, involved Stefan taking money from clients for headstones that were never delivered. Your Content’s investigation revealed that Stefan operated multiple companies in both states, which he used as fronts for his illicit activities.

“Gregory John Stefan Jr. is wanted for a Theft by Deception case. Stefan Jr. took money for a headstone and did not deliver,” the Vineland Police Department said. “He has multiple companies based in PA and NJ that are used for these thefts and has been under investigation by the PA AG’s Office.”

Preying on the raw emotions of the bereaved, a family from suburban Philadelphia swoops in with offers of headstone services, often mere days after a loved one’s passing. But once the ink dries on the contract and the money changes hands, their promises evaporate, leaving over 1,000 grieving families empty-handed. All the while, this deceitful family indulges in their opulent lifestyle in Gladwyne, an upscale enclave known for its affluence.

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The Stefan family, ominously referred to as the “Stefan crime family,” consists of Gregory “Greg” J. Stefan, Sr., his son Gregory “Greg” J. Stefan, Jr., the latter’s wife Suzanne “Sue” Stefan, and Gerard “Jerry” Stefan. Their reputation in the memorial and headstone industry is tainted with allegations of ruthless scams and exploitation.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office has also been investigating Stefan and his operations. The arrest warrant issued by the Vineland Police adds another layer of legal trouble for Stefan, who now faces charges in two states.

The news has left the community shocked and concerned, as many had trusted Stefan and his companies to deliver on their promises. Local residents are now urged to exercise caution and to report any interactions they may have had with Stefan or his companies to the authorities.

The Vineland Police Department is urging anyone with information about Stefan’s whereabouts to come forward. They have also advised residents to be cautious when dealing with unfamiliar companies and to always conduct thorough background checks.

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