Saturday, December 2, 2023
Saturday, December 2, 2023
Saturday, December 2, 2023

A Conversation on Justice with Dean Strang Jerry Buting — we caught up with them at the Keswick Theatre in Philadelphia




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The nationally acclaimed attorneys who raised to fame after the hit documentary “Making a Murderer” took Netflix by storm embarked on a multi-city tour. The evening in Philadelphia was spectacular to say the least — selling out the Keswick Theatre with thousands of curious .. fans? Not exactly sure what we could call the event goers. If they’re coming to a town near you, we suggest buying a ticket to catch them.


  • Dean Strang & Jerry Buting unsuccessfully defended Steven Avery in a high-profile murder trial in 2006;
  • The trial attorneys didn’t really play a major part in the unsuccessful verdict, it’s easy to say the jury had a predetermined verdict before hearing the evidence;
  • The attorneys put on one hell of a fight; key parts can be found on the 10+ hour documentary streaming on Netflix


  • Steven Avery originally served 18 years in prison for sexual assault and attempted murder, before being exonerated in 2003.
  • Avery then filed a lawsuit of $36,000,000.00 against Manitowoc County & was forced to settle for $400,000.00 after being arrested and charged for murder in 2005 — ironically, by the same department and officials who had allegedly framed him in 1985.
  • PBS & HBO were not interested in picking up the documentary, but Netflix took on their concept to produce the 10-episode docuseries.
  • Officials in Wisconsin insist all the evidence is not presented in the program.


  • Dean Strang & Jerry Buting, the defense attorneys from the series, take center-stage at all shows.
  • A significant portion of their speakers proceeds will be donated to local and national equal justice charities.
  • Conversation will include the Steven Avery case and its broader implications, as well as a discussion on the larger topic of the American criminal justice system.
  • Each night featured a Q&A portion for the audience to address questions directly to Dean & Jerry.


  • Strang pointed to local coverage of the “perp walk” of Cherie Amoore, the woman accused of kidnapping a baby at the King of Prussia Mall, stating “That’s not a presumption of innocence.”
  • “For the people who are guilty, we’ve got to stop de-humanizing them,” Strang stated.
  • Although the system may be flawed, they both believe it works. “These are all just human beings in the system. Human beings are capable of progress,” Strang said.
  • One member of the audience asked how Brendan Dassey was competent to stand trial. Strang responded “You have to be somewhere above the intelligence level of a zucchini to be considered competent.”
  • For a while, Strang couldn’t bring himself to watch “Making a Murderer”
  • An audience member questioned Strang & Buting about profiting off the death of Halbach. However, people forget that attorneys and others in the criminal justice system do profit off of cases as it is their job. Strang responded that he wanted to have public conversations about justice a long time ago, but before “Making a Murderer,” not even his friends were interested in that.
  • If your brother or son is ever in legal trouble, “I think you’re going to want a goo defense lawyer. I’m not going to apologize for making a living,” said Strang.
  • According to Buting, the officers from Manitowoc County that had been commended for their investigation of the Avery’s Salvage yard/family compound seen in the documentary, were due to speak at a conference in Illinois. That conference was canceled after “Making a Murderer” debuted & made headlines nationwide.
  • According to Jerry Buting, in the united states, ” defendants are guilty until proven innocent.”

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