Saturday, October 31, 2020
Saturday, October 31, 2020

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Live Nation Sued in Federal Court Over Fork Lift Accident During 2019 KISS Concert in New York

A man is taking Live Nation to court after he claims a metal crate fell on him as crews were unloading tractor trailers for a KISS concert.

Lil Wayne Turned to President Trump for Help ‘When Nobody Else in the System Believed Him’

Trump even phoned Gov. Cuomo to inquire about a possible pardon. But the request went unanswered.

Floridian Pays $150 for ‘Full-Contact Experience with Belly Rub’ with Black Leopard, Gets Face Mauled

The man was excited when entering the 'backyard zoo' but terrified after leaving in an ambulance with his face clinging on by an iota of skin.

President Trump ‘100 percent’ Briefed on Philly Riots, Department of Justice Called to Investigate

Federal sources say 'this is no longer a peaceful protest' as they prepare to close the case involving the Philadelphia Police Department.

Senate Votes to Make Judge Amy Coney Barrett the Next Supreme Court Justice

The United States Senate has confirmed Judge Amy Coney Barrett to serve on the honorable Supreme Court during a vote Monday evening.

Cops in Arizona Furious After Cosby DA Acquired VIOLENT Fugitive Prostitute to Testify

Cops are stunned after a prosecutor accommodated a fugitive prostitute to testify against Bill Cosby.

Exclusive Jail Zoom Call Reveals How Cosby Will Be Vindicated On Dec. 1 and You Can FINALLY Watch It For Yourself

How George Soros, a fugitive prostitute, an extramarital affair and a crumbling kangaroo court will result in the vindication of Bill Cosby.

Chris Watts Asked for Chilling Details About His Family’s Funeral After the Brutal Murders

Chris Watts asked for in-depth chilling details about the funeral of his murdered wife and children, exclusive video reveals.


Whereabouts of ‘Election Book’ Remains ‘Unknown’ in Delco, Alarms Raised Amid Election 2020

The whereabouts of ‘voter books’ from all townships in Delaware County remain unknown just three days before the election.

First Blue Moon to Appear on Halloween Since 1940s But NO Parties Allowed Due to COVID

Halloween on a Saturday, with the first full moon since 2001, first blue moon since 1944, and extra hour with daylight savings has been 'ruined' due to coronavirus, millions of people around the world declared over the weekend, Your Content has...
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New York Becomes First State to MANDATE COVID-19 Testing Upon Entry

New York has eliminated its quarantine travel advisory list, replacing it with mandatory testing for all.

Greek Orthodox Priest Gunned Down in France As He Was Closing Church, Gunman Sought

French authorities are scouring the city of Lyon in France after a gunman shot and seriously wounded a priest.
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