Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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Three Veteran Delivery Drug Dealers Serving South Philly Sentenced to 16 Years in Federal Prison

Three veteran drug deliverymen have been sentenced to over 16 years imprisonment after operating a local South Philly drug delivery operation.

Philly Police Staff Inspector Joseph Bologna Hit with ‘Baseless’ Charges: ‘Sign of PPD Apocalypse’

Police union boss confirms Philly DA is working hand-in-glove with rioters — several of whom are Antifa members — to destroy the city.

Racist Delco Man Claiming to be Klansman Arrested for Ethnic Intimidation, Terroristic Threats

Racist man who told protesters to watch their back because the 'Klan is coming' was arrested by police who came instead.

AG Shapiro Arrests BOMBER Who Sold Dynamite to Nearby Rioters to BLOW UP ATM Machines

AG Josh Shapiro busted a crazed bomb-maker who is accused of selling dynamite to nearby rioters who in turn used them to blow up ATM machines.

‘Charges Imminent’ in George Floyd Case, Cops Allegedly Told to Get Their ‘Affairs in Order’

Authorities are close to indicting two of four Minneapolis Police Officers, according to an individual briefed on the Greg Floyd investigation.

Connecticut Killer Peter Manfredonia Gives Feds and Cops Statement with ‘Critical Information’

CONNECTICUT killer Peter Manfredonia – soon to be charged with two counts of murder and related charges – provided “crucial information” to authorities.

Connecticut Killer Peter Manfredonia ‘Possibly’ Driving to Lackawanna, Pa., Police Say ‘Be Alert’

The Lackawanna County Sheriff's Office is warning residents to STAY ALERT as Connecticut killer Peter Manfredonia may be headed to town.

Pa. State Police Say Black SUV Stolen in Area Connecticut Killer Peter Manfredonia Last Seen

PENNSYLVANIA State Police said a black SUV was stolen near the area where wanted Connecticut killer Peter Manfredonia was last seen, Your...


Tampa ‘Back The Blue’ Mural Vandals Give Your Content a Full Confession Detailing Aug. 1 Crimes

Incredibly lonely and tortured by regret, the trio spent the last few nights questioning their decision to vandalize the Blue Lives Matter mural.

Masks Are Now MANDATED in All Pennsylvania Restaurants: Gov. Wolf

After Pennsylvanians lodged a complaint with health officials from Aug. 3 through Aug. 9, restaurants are now required to mandate all customers wear masks, adhere to social distancing and other guidelines to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Your Content has learned.
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The Daily News Closes Newsroom Operations

The Daily News, once the largest-circulation newspaper in the country, has closed.

FBI Investigates Shooting at US Air Force Helicopter That Promoted Emergency Landing

The FBI is investigating a shooting at a US Air Force helicopter that caused emergency landing in Virginia.
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