Thursday, December 1, 2022
Thursday, December 1, 2022

    Law & Order SVU Season 18 details including the potential return of Christopher Meloni

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    What rumors claim to be the last season of Law & Order: SVU will air this September. Season 17 ended with a bang, as for the first time ever — yes, this hasn’t happened in 17 years — SVU killed off a main character who was a member of the Special Victims Unit. Warren Leight of Law & Order: SVU told news sources that he planned on season 17 being the finale, however, NBC has changed that by renewing the show & releasing the premier date.  

    SEASON  18 

    • This will be the show’s 18th season
    • The network announced the series has been renewed for yet another new season
    • Warren Leight discussed his doubts about the show’s fate, and the fact that they had actually prepared the recent season 17 to be the final season
    • We’ve always been aware that our numbers are lower than they could be if we were on Tuesday at 10 or Wednesday at 10 or Thursday at 10 and that the competition is very tough in that 9 o’lock slot,” Leight said, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Sometimes there’s been this unspoken fear that we’re being asked to build our own coffin.”
    • I always presented that I’d be open to doing the last few episodes, so that’s really all I have to say about that,” Meloni told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s not up to me, I’ll just say that. I’ve said my peace on it.”
    • Law & Order: SVU Season 18 premiers on Wednesday, Sept. 21 on NBC.


    • Season 17 finale presented a shocking twist by the murder of Sgt. Mike Dodds
    • “This is it for me,” the actor told E! News. “I said goodbye this morning, to Mariska, as far as Sgt. Dodds… This character has really gained a whole bunch of knowledge and helped out so much with SVU.”
    • I want fans to know I feel completely at ease with everything. It’s an honor to have that happen because it’s never happened to anybody in the precinct before, so it’s going to be a good Jeopardy! question, but also that it’s Warren Leight’s final script and I am really a huge part of making it dramatic, that’s an honor as well. I thank all the fans for supporting this character and being nice,” Karl said. “Sorry to break your hearts.”

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