Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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Eric Norton

» Mid-Atlantic Bureau Chief, Managing Editor & Chief of Staff
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Michael Myers Caught During Casual Drive, Woman Escapes Death After Scolding the Masked Man

Michael Myers has ditched TV-town for a smaller and more laid back lifestyle in suburban America.

National 911 Outages Reported: NBC

Law enforcement agencies across the country reported outages of their 911 systems Monday night.

Old Man, 80, Takes Gun and SHOOTS, Kills Younger Elderly Neighbor, 68, Over Dog Complaint

The wild gunfire erupted after she tried to break up an argument her 80-year-old neighbor.

BREAKING: Man Shoots MOTHER AND FATHER in Montgomery County, Parents Airlifted to Trauma Center

Police in New Hanover Township are swarming the 2900 block of Reifsnyder Road after a man shot his mother and father.

Pa. Basketball Coach Gets 20 Years for Filming Minors Showering in Wildwood Motel Before Games

The coach filmed young students as they used the bathroom and showered at their motel in Wildwood, New Jersey prior to games.

Vegan Wearing Cow Suit CHASED from McDonalds by Man Waving Chicken Drumstick

She was mocked and chased away from a McDonald's and KFC by a man waving a chicken drumstick.

Cops Kill Dad on Day of Daughter’s Graduation Over Playstation Noise Complaint

It was all fun and games for a man and his girlfriend until a mere noise complaint from a neighbor resulted in cops shooting him dead in five seconds.

Suburban Philly Quarantines ENTIRE Sanitation Department for TWO WEEKS Over COVID Concerns

Delco officials are 'formulating a plan' to collect trash for two weeks after giving all staff at the sanitation division a two week coronavirus break.


Rooster Kills Police Officer Who Was Trying to Break Up an Illegal Cock Fight Overseas

A police officer was brutally killed by a rooster as the man journeyed to break up an illegal cock fight.

Delaware County Sued in Federal Court for ‘Creating Three New Election Days’ Amid Nov. 3

Delaware County is accused of creating 'three new Election Days' in a federal lawsuit filed earlier this week.
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Philadelphia Under 9PM Curfew Due to Riots

A curfew of 9:00 p.m. has been imposed in Philadelphia due to imminent riots to follow for a third night in a row, Your Content has learned.

Man Changes Florida Governor’s Voter Registration to Prove How Easy It Is to Hack

A 20-year-old is accused of changing the governor's address in the state's voter database.
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