Republican charged with attacking landscapers with a shovel stating he owned the road

Jackson, Mississippi – Mississippi state Sen. Chris Massey was arrested Thursday and charged with aggravated assault after a fight in a subdivision, police said.

  • Massey, a Republican from Nesbit, was charged with aggravated assault and given a $10,000 bond
  • Marcus Lane, an employee of Anthony Smith, a lawn service operator, was charged with simple assault and released on bond 
  • According to Smith, he and his worker were attempting to get to a house to work on a lawn when two trucks occupied by Massey, his farther and crew of five were blocking the road
  • After honking & asking Massey to move, Smith alleges that Massey stated “He (Massey) came up beside me and told me he owned this … road” using profanity
  • The argument then escalated rapidly, becoming physical
  • According to Smith, his worker was being hit on the head with a shovel as a spitting match took place

This has been going on a long time. He tells people ‘I own the road, the subdivision’ one neighbor stated

  • Other weapons allegedly included a tire iron and other lawn equipment being swung. Jack Massey, his father, also mentioned a gun he had in the car
  • “Jake was trying to get me to come out in the street and fight with him,” Dale Spikes, a homeowner said. “He’s the Chair of the Ethics committee, and that is very, very, scary.”

Massey released the following statement concerning the arrest:

I have committed no crime and have great confidence that once the true facts are known that I will be completely exonerated. I am disappointed that factually incorrect reports have been disseminated to the public. In the near future the truth will be presented in the proper forum, a court of law.