Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Trump: Chester Pennsylvania Rally

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Chester, PA – With a crowd well over 5,000; Donald Trump visits a Philadelphia suburb for the second time in two weeks. Hillary Clinton has been a frequent visitor of Philadelphia as it will play a major role in the election this year.



  • I am with you & I will fight for you, I promise.
  • The job of the leader is to stand in someone else’s shoes & see things in other’s prospective.
  • Hillary Clinton calls people who don’t support her deplorable. I call anyone who doesn’t support me an American citizen who is entitled to equal representation to the law.
  • Trump reminded the American people that we must work with our police, not against our police.
  • 65 people have been shot in Chicago this weekend alone.

My opponent, Hillary, likes to say that for decades she’s been fighting. That she’s been fighting for children. Why then are 70,000,000 American women and children living in poverty or on the brink of poverty? She says she’s going to fix this and that. Where has she been for 35 years?

  • They must ensure that any wrong-doing is vigorously addressed.
  • They are the line separating civilization from chaos.
  • “Hillary Clinton doesn’t have to worry about the sirens and gun shots at night – she’s sleeping, she’s sleeping.”
  • Who is there to represent these families? Clinton doesn’t want to hear their voices. So I will be their voice.
  • I will be your voice – I’m going to be your voice.
  • We’re going to make good education – we’re going to have great education. Our education will get better & everything will get better because it certainly can’t get much worse.
  • “Remember the old saying, ‘Watch what I do, not what I say.'”
  • On my first day in office I am going to immediately begin lifting all regulations that are hurting our businesses. They’re out of control.
  • This will unleash a technology revolution. America will become the best place to innovate and invent in the future.
  • Our plan includes one of the biggest tax reforms in American history. It’s going to include a 15% tax decrease for businesses creating a magnitude for new jobs.
  • This is the next big thing since Ronald Reagan & maybe bigger than Ronald Reagan.
  • It’s called government, its called politicians & its called incompetence. That’s right, fire them.
  • We are going to close our boarders to terrorists.
  • We are going to put the American worker first, we are going to take our trade deals which are among the worst deals ever negotiated just like the deal where Iran was a disaster. We are going to take those horrible deals and make them great deals and i the other side won’t cooperate we are going to terminate those deals and start all over again.
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UPDATE: 7:16pm

Protester taken out at 7:16pm by a large number of law enforcement & Secret Service

UPDATE: 7:10pm

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Donald Trump takes center-stage

UPDATE: 7:02pm

Coach Bobby Knight takes center-stage. Donald Trump arrives at Sun Center Studios & expected to go on at 7:30pm.

UPDATE: 5:45pm

Delaware County Chairman speaks – urging voters to keep Pat Toomey & other Republicans in office this year.

UPDATE: 5:30pm

Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance – Quote from Ronald Reagan “Soldiers Pledge”

UPDATE: 2:38pm

Trump supporters begin to line up as doors open at 4:00pm.

UPDATE: 2:33pm

Secret Service security sweep underway. No signs of any protesters as of now within the vicinity of the rally.

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