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Dishonest Davidson: How a Delaware County Dem could cost McGinty & Shapiro the vote




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A number of Democrats have vowed to reconsider voting straight Democrat down this year’s ballot – due to one candidate, Margo Davidson. Rep. Margo Davidson of Delaware County has undergone heat in the last year and a half for numerous reasons ranging from family issues, unpaid taxes, ghost voting, siding with Republicans, voter intimidation, unethical behavior, providing poll workers false information to have her husband elected as a district judge, false signatures on nomination petitions and accepting questionable substantial donations from a charter school corporation.

We reached out to the office of Rep. Frank Dermody, who is the House Minority Leader regarding Rep. Davidson’s office staffer, Jill Melissa Carey, who has been using social media throughout the day to campaign and advocate for Rep. Davidson. Rep. Dermody’s office stated that any campaign work during state-time is strictly prohibited – we provided the Facebook posts to his office to determine if these posts were during work hours.

  • Davidson was 1/32 who voted against a bill that would put a temporary block on naming cops involved in shootings – giving authorities a little bit of a larger window of time to investigate the matter before being influenced by the public and media.
  • Planned Parenthood worked diligently to remove Margo Davidson from her position in office & endorses her opponent in 2014.

It’s about win or lose.

– Margo Davidson (Nov. 7, 2015)

School board is a once a month job.

– Margo Davidson (Aug. 18, 2016 via Facebook)

Honored to have received the endorsement of the Delco Times every time I ran.

– Margo Davidson (Oct. 30, 2016 via Facebook)

My campaign office simply moved to 216 Long Lane in Upper Darby.


Margo Davidson was brought to court for allegedly violating 25 PA C.S. §§2913 (a), 2936-2937 of the Pennsylvania Election Code & 65 PA C.S. §1104(b) of the Pennsylvania Ethics Law.

  • Out of 654 signatures, roughly 351 were stricken from her petition, making her eligible to run on the Democratic ticket by merely 3 signatures.
  • Davidson held numerous “petition parties,” where registered voters gathered at her office to sign nomination petitions & greet the State Representative.
  • A majority of the candidate’s nomination signatures were illegible and dated approximately 3-weeks earlier than permitted by Pennsylvania election law.
  • Davidson’s former Chief of Staff & current notary, Carolyn C. Collins, misdated the notary seal – where Davidson claimed it was an error due to a family emergency.
  • Davidson testified that she reviewed her petitions for accuracy with many people, stating that she was “not sure” how the mistake was overseen three times, calling out the Secretary of State for not catching the error earlier.
  • Davidson’s son also signed the nomination petition on a number of lines to help get his mother re-elected.
  • Davidson mentioned her notary had a tip jar at the parties to collect tips for her services – however; Collins quickly disputed that when she testified, as it is illegal to collect tips as a notary public.
  • Margo’s husband, Robert, also contradicted his wife’s testimony on a number of topics, including the state-of-mind of Collins.


  • Leslie Acosta, who is one of Davidson’s allies in ghost voting and currently under fire after being caught by NBC10 Investigators, regularly pushed Davidson’s button on the House floor after Davidson’s seat was moved like a high school class as Rep. Mike Schlossberg of Allentown had been the previous button-pusher for Davidson.
  • June 25, 2015: Being 1/3 Democrats to side with Republicans in passing a key amendment to a heavy right-winged bill, Margo Davidson was nowhere to be seen. Davidson was then seen lurking above the House floor on the balcony, where she stated she was unable to attend the vote due to “a family emergency, which I had to take care [of]. So at that moment I was on the phone when the final bill was voted,” according to The Morning Call.
  • March 16, 2016: Margo Davidson claims she was in Harrisburg and the Commonweatlh Court of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, at the same time.


  • June 30, 2014: Margo Davidson chose to attend a local political event in Upper Darby Township, which rose from a personal vendetta against former Upper Darby Democratic Committee Chairman Ed Bradley.
  • Davidson left the Pennsylvania Capitol & rushed to the Watkins Senior Center to vote for a friend who she convinced to run for chair, Matt Silva, without a scintilla of experience.
  • Ed Bradley openly voiced his support for Margo Davidson’s challenger at the time, Billy Smith. Smith was concerned about Davidson’s voting record on the controversial congressional redistricting in which she voted with House Republicans for the gerrymandering of the seventh congressional redistricting, public education and women’s rights.
  • Sources close to Davidson confirm that she stated in private and public that she would “take Ed’s chairmanship from him.”
  • Attorney Sean Kilkenny accompanied Davidson, in the event there was a discrepancy with the reorganization vote and legal expertise would be required.
  • The Delco Times also covered this story.




Due to the outrageous amount of posts by this office-staffer, who is on the taxpayer’s payroll, we cannot list them all in this article. Jill Melissa Carey, who works for State Representative Margo Davidson has taken to Facebook to vent on the Facebook page of the incumbent’s opponent, Inder Baines.

Davidson, who referred to Baines as Eric Trump, mentioned that he is using bully-like tactics to win the campaign. Margo Davidson faced similar accusations while running for re-election last term, according to Keystone Politics where a YouTube video surfaced.

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  • Jill Melissa Carey, who works for State Rep. Davidson, has taken to Facebook on numerous occasions to bash the opposition, Inder Baines & argue with numerous constituents.
  • “Gotta love when the opponent sends out a mud slinging mailer,” Carey wrote aggressively on Facebook early Sunday morning. “That’s the only source for the quote print is a FACEBOOK blog written by a Republican that says his qualifications are he was born and raised here… lol!!!!!!!”
  • Carey also took extensive time to research the candidate, finding parking violations and traffic citations on his record, indicating that Baines has “failed to respond” – comparing this traffic violation to the son of Margo Davidson, Robert, who was recently arrested for selling heroin only to find out he had additional charges lodged against him while in jail after police executed a warrant at his apartment, finding hundreds of bags of heroin among other narcotics, including a stolen gun.
  • Carey compared Davidson failing to pay office rent with campaign contributions resulting in an eviction to a judgment against Baines dating back a number of years that was satisfied. The office eviction was caused by the questionable budgeting system Rep. Davidson has in place.
  • One person took to the opponents Facebook page asking about his qualifications, where Jill immediately commented “I’ve asked 56 times, each time my comment gets deleted. I’ve been a constituent for 34 years and I can’t get this question answered.”
  • October 27 at 3:25 p.m. Carey took to Facebook stating “Why does ALL of Bains campaign literature say STATE REPRESENATIVE Inder Bains???”
  • “What I NEVER understand about some candidates… they spend their time talking about their opponent, but doesn’t list any of their own qualifications, or anything they have done for the same community,” Jill wrote. “This isn’t a little job, and Davidsons opponent has no qualifications to be a state Rep.”
  • “If being born and raised here and being a small business owner is what the only qualifications are, thrn my 6 yr old with his lemonade stand is qualified too.. lol,” Carey ranted on. “Truth is Margo has done so much, and she won’t back down to Bullying and doesn’t follow the herd of sheep that this township is use too.”

Times and dates for these posts from Jill Melissa Carey range 7-days a week from 8 a.m. throughout the day. We are waiting on a comment from as Carey has been posting daily, during what pay be during taxpayer state-time, on sports, news alerts and most recently, politics. Frank Darmody’s office has received the posts and they are currently under review.

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