Thursday, March 16, 2023
Thursday, March 16, 2023

    Thank You Tour: Orlando Florida with President-elect Donald Trump

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    • President-elect Donald Trump made his second to last visit on the “Thank You Tour” in Orlando, Florida on Friday.
    • Over 11,000 ecstatic supporters flooded the event, hoping to catch a glimpse of the soon-to-be president.
    • Florida brought 29 electoral votes, making it a battleground state in the election this year.

    Donald Trump exulted in his victory before a crowd of more than 11,000 people in Orlando on Friday night, part of the president-elect’s “U.S.A. Thank You Tour” of states he won in November.

    Ever since his election, Trump has barnstormed the nation on his “thank you” tour to regale friendly crowds with first-hand accounts of how he won Nov. 8.

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    The USA Thank You Tour has brought the president-elect to battleground states key to his election night victory. And Florida’s 29 electoral votes were critical to that win.

    Trump said he won the election in spite of media dishonesty. He drew laughs by recalling that some pollsters had placed him in danger of losing Texas, Georgia and Utah, and news anchors were “sweating and crying and throwing up all over the place” while state-by-state election results rolled in.

    The crowd — which was double in size of the one in the same venue in late October — also acted as if the campaign was still rolling, constantly chanting, “Lock her up” about Trump’s former Democratic foe Hillary Clinton.

    They also turned their scorn on the press pen, chanting “Move them back” when Trump bitterly noted that the reporters at the rally had better seats than most of the attendees.

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    Trump’s pick to head the Office of Management and Budget helped found the House Freedom Caucus, the group of conservative lawmakers who frequently battled former House Speaker John Boehner. An early backer of Trump during the campaign, Mulvaney took a hard line on federal spending under the Obama administration.

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