Sunday, January 29, 2023
Sunday, January 29, 2023

    ‘Might shoot your baby daddy’ goes from joke to prison scandal

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    Peer pressure has always been dangerous. Dozens of viral social media challenges encourage risky behavior among partakers, and it wasn’t long until correctional officers realized that viral social media challenges aren’t private.

    Though many are taking part in the #FeelingCuteChallenge by posting their photo as a joke, prison guards posted less humorous jokes. Now, they face a much more serious challenge.

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    From gassing an entire wing to shooting someone and asking questions later, the guards now face “swift disciplinary action as severe as termination,” The Texas Department of Criminal Justice told

    “Might shoot your baby daddy today,” Ke’Nya Hill, who claims to work at the Wheeler Correctional Facility in Georgia wrote in a disturbing Facebook post, wearing her prison uniform with her gun in the holster. Amelia Icesis Commodore, a second woman claiming to work at the same facility, threatened to “put your baby daddy in the shower for six hours.”

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    “Just think if most corrections officers quit, we just shoot all the inmates and be done with them for good,” Cody Kutchey, a member of the group commented.

    “We are aware and dealing with the incident,” Georgia Department of Corrections Commissioner Timothy C. Ward told “The Georgia Department of Corrections nor I accept or condone this behavior.”

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    Correctional Officer Life, a group with more than 29,000 members across the country was a “breeding nest” for “corrupt guards,” a law enforcement source told “You have to be a special kind of stupid to have an expectation of privacy when you join a group with nearly 30,000 members,” said the source, who spoke under the condition of anonymity. “The so-called ‘guards’ who took part should be awarded with a cell of their own.”

    “#FeelingCute [might] gas the whole wing later,” Collin Strother, a correctional officer from Texas wrote. “We can confirm that Collin Strother is an employee for the TDCJ,” a state official told

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    “The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is aware of the so-called feel cute challenge currently on social media,” a spokesperson for the agency told Monday. “A handful of correctional officers employed by this agency are under investigation for on and off-duty conduct violations as a result of the alleged posting of inappropriate photographs on social media. These officers in no way represent the thousands of TDCJ employees who go to work every day taking public safety seriously in all ways. If any of these allegations prove correct then swift disciplinary action as severe as termination of involved employees will occur.”

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    Aside from the seriously concerning posts, several prison guards uploaded photos of inmates in the infirmary and tactical units preparing to enter a wing.

    According to all of the facilities, cellphones, cameras and electronic devices are prohibited from the facilities. This goes for employees, too.

    Story developing…

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