Thursday, April 8, 2021
Thursday, April 8, 2021

Jonathan Lee Riches

Jonathan Riches was recruited by Your Content in 2016 to serve as a National Correspondent. Mr. Riches specializes in Human Interest and Trends—therefore, his job is to test the fabric of human nature and test the boundaries, always within the legal limits. In 2019, Mr. Riches was promoted to Justice Editor and Chief Investigative Correspondent for Your Content. In 2020, Mr. Riches assumed the role of Deputy Managing Editor for Trends and Human Interest—and in 2021, he was promoted to Florida Bureau Chief and National Assignment Editor. He is best known for his writings about prison reform and culture, including the social media scandal dubbed the ‘Feeling Cute Challenge' that shook the department of corrections to its core.

FBI releases case file on Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner, 130 field offices probed bomb

Nashville bomber acted alone, built and ultimately detonated the vehicle-borne improvised explosive device, said the FBI.

U.S. welcomes Myanmar nationals to seek instant refuge in America: ‘Maybe Florida will bid’

The United States has offered temporary refuge to Myanmar nationals, citing coup violence, and Floridians should 'bid to house them.'

Vogue said last year Gov. Cuomo’s ‘forceful language’ should be ‘learning manual for Trump’

"Your forceful language, and your clear, easy-to-read graphics that are probably meant as a learning manual for Donald Trump."

Cop employed by Philly sheriff’s office says ‘F***’ the ‘cracker and Trump supporter’ Tom Brady

A loud mouthed staffer at the Philly Sheriff’s Department is under fire after allegedly referring to Tom Brady as a ‘cracker’ and ‘Trump supporter.'

Philly DA Krasner covers up ENTIRE wall of fallen police officers with election backdrop for press conference

Philadelphia’s daring district attorney hung a backdrop over the names of fallen police officers to hold a news conference.

Blexit Founder Candice Owens to seek US presidency: ‘Thinking about running for President’

Candice Owens broke her silence Saturday evening—suggesting an intent to run for President of the United States.

FBI caught using photoshopped LEWD photo of naked black man to capture rioter at Capitol chaos

Federal agents are mortified after it became known they used a photoshopped photo including a naked black man in the background, Your Content has...

AOC back peddles after it’s revealed she wasn’t at Capitol amid chaos, deletes tweets

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez deleted two tweets after lashing out for being accused of making up a fairytale about her experience at the U.S. Capitol.