Sunday, January 22, 2023
Sunday, January 22, 2023

    Margo Davidson’s ‘good friend’ and ‘hand-picked’ councilman accused of stealing funds from Mosque

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    © Original Media Group/Facebook/

    Members of the Masjid Al-Medina Mosque in Upper Darby Township are stunned after a local councilman allegedly stole thousands from their Mosque and splurged on a trip to Bangladesh, and we have learned that authorities are investigating the claims. 

    “We have become aware of the allegations of possible criminal wrongdoings by Sheikh M. Siddique,” the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office told in an email. “We are currently gathering information to review these allegations.” 

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    The allegations surfaced earlier this week, but Wednesday night’s Upper Darby council meeting raised eyebrows when a local confronted councilman.

    “Councilman Sheikh M. Siddique has been abusing his title in the Bangladeshi-American Community of Upper Darby and Masjid Al-Medina,” Kamruzzman Khan said in a statement. “[He] took money without permission from a locked safe at Masjid Al-Medina that was set aside for a widow that needed funding.”

    We obtained a video from the council meeting showing a brave member of the community taking to the podium to confront Davidson’s pal. 

    “He stole money. I am going to complain about your councilman – he is corrupt,” Kamruzzman Khan said. “One of YOUR councilmen, Shiekh Siddique, he took the money from our safe without any permission. We have the proof – we have the videotapes,” he continued. “We have the proof that he took the money for his own purposes.”

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    Councilman Siddique fired back: “With respect to everyone – regarding the Mosque – any Mosque related item(s), we can discuss in the Mosque.” Councilman Siddique said. “This issue should not be discussed to anyone in the public – I would suggest not to discuss anything.”

    “This issue has nothing to do with the council,” Councilman Siddique continued. “It is [a] Mosque matter, which I told our council president last week. That issue should not be here, in this council meeting.”

    The concerned and outraged local distributed a press release to members in the gallery regarding the allegations against Councilman Siddique. 

    “The paper being distributed is illegal because it’s between lawyers,” Councilman Siddique commented during the meeting.

    “Siddique Nation!” Disgraced Delaware County State Representative Margo Davidson (D-Pa.) posted on Facebook during the general election. “Elect our true friend and brother, Sheikh Siddique.”

    Davidson has been a staunch supporter of the questionable councilman. “Margo definitely didn’t know about this scandal,” a pal told “There’s no way she’d know, and I’m sure she’ll be shocked about it, but the issue is she has been a staunch supporter of his, endorsed him several times and attended events with him. Her being associated with him is bad news because of all the fire she’s under already.”

    “A great man, a great friend, a great American who will be a great Councilman!” Davidson continued. 

    On Mar. 4, 2019, we reported that Rep. Davidson is the target of a federal probe to determine if she misspent funds on personal expenses. 

    Rep. Davidson is not accused of partaking in the Mosque related incidents.

    The Masjid Al-Medina Mosque accuses Councilman Siddique of snatching money from a safe set aside for a widow, collecting approximately $9,000.00 in donations for a family in need but kept the money for himself, stealing funds set aside for food during Ramadan services that he “took with him to Bangladesh.” 

    They also accuse Siddique of letting unknown people sleep at the Mosque on several occasions without permission.

    The Masjid Al-Medina Executive Committee planned a news conference tonight regarding the councilman’s alleged mismanagement of charitable funds. The conference is expected to take place in front of the Upper Darby Township Building on Garrett Road at 6:30 p.m.

    Rep. Margo Davidson, Upper Darby Mayor Tom Micozzie, Upper Darby Council President Don Bonnett and Councilman Sheikh Siddique did not respond to requests for comment.

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