Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Delaware County Jail Cleans House Before Surprise Prison Visit from GEO Group Executives & Prison Inspectors

Prison officials are ordering inmates to assist in the massive back-breaking attempt to bring the vile conditions up to par in time for an inspection that threatens to topple the private prison. Prison inspectors and an army of executives from The GEO Group are expected to walk the prison grounds Tuesday, multiple well-placed sources tell Your Content. 

“GEO Group must be the first to set a good example for those who covered up and back out of the contract with Delaware County,” a whistleblower at the for-profit-prison’s Florida campus told Your Content. “It’s time to cut ties with that facility because it’s nearly impossible for GEO to manage the place.”

Over the weekend inmates were forced to clean black mold; repaint sections of the main prison; apply new tiles; and even throw away hundreds of boxes of expired food, including commissary, that was being sold to inmates. That’s the shocking finding of an in-depth Your Content investigation that will rock the mega-corporation after the most contentious election in Delaware County history. 

“They started taking photos from cells yesterday, turning phones off so inmates could clean, because the place is a sh—hole,” a well-placed source who works at the prison told Your Content. “Inmates in the DUI building were told yesterday they’ll be in the dayroom for six to 8 hours while the floors are stripped and redone.”

“The place is being cleaned top to bottom finally,” the source continued. “Then the floors are being stripped for today for tomorrow’s inspection.”

Word is, both The GEO Group and some former-political figures are consulting with high-powered criminal defense attorneys to be proactive in case the situation becomes criminal.

“The prisoners are living in harsh conditions with leaking ceilings, black mold, and erosion. They’re being forced to clean black mold throughout the prison without any proper protection or ventilation,” the source said, adding: “Inmates are also drinking contaminated water while working around-the-clock to clean up in time.”

Jailhouse cooks say the food they’ve been preparing for fellow inmates is two-years expired.

“The guys that work in the kitchen they will tell the other inmates don’t eat dinner tonight we used mayonnaise that’s two years old – it’s disgusting!”

The breathtaking extent of corruption perpetrated by The GEO Group, their brazen sidekicks whom recently lost political power and others involved in the sinking ship have been exposed by current and former county employees may result in criminal charges after prison inspectors visit the grounds. 

“If the allegations are authentic, we’re talking about massive jail time – long prison sentences! Everyone here has been keeping up with what’s transpiring at our Pennsylvania facility.” 

“The greatest risk we can take it to accept the same old politics with the same old prison executives and expect a different result,” a source close to the situation told Your Content. “Everyone involved in the fiasco are questioning their every move over the last decade.”

We were first to report that the overcrowded conditions at the private prison led to the sexual assault of a female inmate sometime in mid-December after guards were told to bring female and male inmates together briefly when they reached an overwhelming number of inmates.

“Word is, both The GEO Group and some former-political figures are consulting with high-powered criminal defense attorneys to be proactive in case the situation becomes criminal,” a source who recently quit a job with the county revealed. “They shut down a major investigation that was going on in the main prison back in September. There were a few inmates who were willing to talk to in-house CID. They provided the PayPal account numbers for the guards smuggling the drugs in but nothing was done about it. They took all the information from the inmates who were willing to give it up and didn’t do anything. That was back during Kat’s reign of terror.”

We were first to report that five women were rushed to local hospitals on Christmas following a mass-overdose, with at least three others sent on Christmas Eve. Sources close to the investigation previously told yc.news the women overdosed on fentanyl, not heroin, as widely reported by local media outlets. However, the prison refused to provide any comment whatsoever to yc.news – and friends, family and former teachers of Fatima Musa, 27, who died while in custody over the holiday, say the Chester native might’ve unwittingly smoked a laced cigarette or marijuana, but vehemently deny any history of heroin use.

Sources previously told yc.news 69-year-old George Christopher Zoley – who owns the mega-corporation that purchased the prison, is expected to personally visit the grounds.

“George isn’t someone who visits the prison grounds unless there’s a ribbon cutting or something,” a second person stuck in the sticky situation revealed. “George is a powerful man — he won’t let some locals turn his prison into a circus slumber party.”

27-year-old Fatima Muse, who was imprisoned for a probation violation as a result of a summary offense, has died while in custody at George W. Hill Correctional Facility following an incident on Christmas.

“From what I know, he wants to work with the new administration on what he can do make mends for the slop left behind from the local Republican patriarch — John Reilly, Jr.

But others close to the situation say executives are scrambling around trying to figure out how to contain the situation, despite it blowing out of their control.

“GEO is trying to put on a fearless face, but the real nightmare has only just begun,” reveals an insider. “They are completely delusional and believe that this is a temporary glitch, but advisors are telling them now is a good time for them to ‘get their affairs in order,’ which is code for ‘prepare to lock the prison down for the last time.’”

The GEO Group did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

The last two weeks have witnessed a series of troubling allegations from prison inmates and former staff who long held their tongues for fear of retribution of their career, or retaliation. But the conditions became too harsh for them to remain silent. Among those revelations: 

This is an ongoing investigative special. Stay with yc.news for the latest updates. Have a story or news tip? Contact our 24/7 newsroom at 833.336.8013 or e-mail our tip line: [email protected]

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