Friday, March 31, 2023
Friday, March 31, 2023

    Horrific leaked photos show inmates operating Georgia-based prison

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    AMERICA’S prison world has been shaken to its core by fed-up inmates who have overtaken an entire prison, and the out-of-control inmates newly found freedom threatens to spark a national prison war!

    The madness is erupting at Roger State Prison – deemed one of the toughest, meanest maximum-security hellholes ever built – behind electrified barbed wire fences and housing some of the Georgia’s most infamous inmates. 

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    “If the requests aren’t met, there will be a bloodbath. What’re they doing to do, lock them up?” a source close to the situation told “You’re talking about prisoners overtaking a prison. People are in for a surprise.”

    The photos obtained by sent a shock wave across the nation and put the Department of Corrections on red alert! Now executives are worried it will lead to a power struggle, pitting long-standing murderers against authorities. 

    “It will be the ‘Mother of All Wars!’” declared our Bureau of Prisons insider. “They’re done fooling around with authorities,” said an inmate at the overrun facility. “Lawyers sat back and did nothing – we will remedy that!” 

    The fed-up inmates’ erratic behavior comes on the heels of our exclusive report about The GEO Group’s inhumane prison conditions.

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    “No one is allowed access into the ‘penthouse’ which houses the new staff appointed by interim Warden ‘Tigga,’” an inmate who managed to smuggle in over 100 cell phones said. “If someone tries going in, the doormen turn them away and if they don’t leave there’s serious trouble!”

    “Tigga has consolidated power internally, and there are no signs of serious dissent within the prison regime,” said the inmate. “The last thing we want is another Warden like the last one – he’s gone now. This new regime [is] gonna be hard to top. They call Tigga the ‘prison Kardashian’ – he always up to some reality TV sh-t!”

    See the exclusive photos below…

    In the stunning prison coup, vengeful inmate Tigga has snatched the Warden’s title. Photographed is the self-declared interim Warden who promises a “fairer stay for all inmates going forward.”

    Kok (left), Tigga (center) and Henry (right) take control of Roger State Prison in Georgia. 📸: Tigga for YC.NEWS

    Tigga joined by two new prison sergeants whom he personally deputized into power immediately after being appointed interim Warden by prison inmates. According to prison insiders, authorities pleaded with Tigga to end the sideshow.

    “They pleaded, ‘Please, don’t go down this road! Do the right thing before it’s too late.”

    Kok (left), Tigga (center) and Henry (right) take control of Roger State Prison in Georgia. 📸: Tigga for YC.NEWS

    Following Tigga’s ‘swearing in ceremony,’ he posed for photos with his right-hand-men.

    This devoted inmate visited the renovated tattoo parlor located on the second floor, just minutes from interim Warden Tigga’s new office. According to inmates, tattoos are available free-of-charge while supplies last.

    Tigga finishes his morning briefing and takes to the gym to prepare for his day.

    Joined by ‘McKrackin’ interim Warden Tigga shows authorities he is not fooling around, photographed with his new arsenal of weaponry.

    “McKrackin was sick and tired of being bullied and he demanded Tigga show his support by cutting ties with rivals,” a prison aide dished. “He’s threatening to toss his prison duties and stand against them with the interim Warden. But that only outraged more people because they know he’s a classless threat to the power.”

    “This is the biggest crisis the Department of Corrections ever faced,” said a source close to the situation. “Inmates believe only Tigga can save the system from disaster.”

    “I used to think Tigga was really funny but what that low-life did to me was anything but funny!” an inmate who asked to be quoted as ‘Salad’ told

    “This fantasy will come to an end soon!”

    “Tigga’s blood is boiling over this. He’s been in this game for a long time, and others are trying to walk in and steal his slot from right under his nose,” an inmate claimed. “In Tigga’s mind, he’s been totally screwed over by the prison system and it’s time to get even.”

    Others not so fond of Tigga call him a “dine-and-dash dirt bag,” alleging he took over solely to stuff his face.

    “Tigga’s people aren’t the most considerate and let their gang roam around enforcing his new laws.”

    Next to interim Warden ‘Tigga’ stands ‘Nacho,’ who was shunned by the new administration over his friendship with former Rogers State Prison Warden Jeff Coleman. He was removed from power after the inmates overtook the facility.

    “Nacho’s world has spiraled out of control,” a high-level inmate courtier revealed. “He’s been disowned and abandoned by Tigga and friends in high places! Nacho begged Tigga to forgive him, but he told his favorite confidant who goes by ‘Chika’ his first duty was to save the momentum. Nacho’s life as an entitled prisoner is over.”

    The tyrant interim Warden threw the prison system into their biggest crisis in decades with his newly found freedom, triggering a persistent backfire from authorities.

    “Man Tigga’s got a vision… and it just appears someone like Nacho don’t line up with that vision,” an insider divulged. “Tigga know how to get attention, which is exactly what we needed after years of being ignored. But Tigga has been the biggest story of the century at Roger [State Prison]!”

    “Nacho quickly pulled Tigga aside, desparately looking for a way Nacho could make a low-key exit.”

    However, other inmates accuse Nacho of trying to take over Tigga’s title.

    “Chiko lashed out at Nacho, accusing him of cozying up with interim Warden Tigga in an attempt to snatch the keys to power,” an inmate dished. “‘You’re nothin’ but a dirty crumb!'” Chiko allegedly shouted at Nacho.

    “Tigga demands complete loyalty for all men,” noting there are no “women or children” in the doomed jail. “He also demands complete discretion from every inmate. Nobody has time for those trying to quack-back!”

    “Nacho was a thorn in interim Warden Tigga’s side,” squealed a jailhouse snitch who got his hands on a phone. “He’s ignoring typical Warden tradition and running it the way he thinks is best.”

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