Saturday, December 2, 2023
Saturday, December 2, 2023
Saturday, December 2, 2023

🦠 Coronavirus covered-up in Iran by state-run media, death toll nearing 100, not 12




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The deadly coronavirus took the lives of over 100 people in Iran in the past two weeks – with a staggering 50 deaths stemming from a single city, Your Content has learned. What’s more, Iranian officials stand accused of infiltrating state-run media by demanding they downplay the uncontrollable outbreak on all news casts and publications.

IranWire claims there are 43 confirmed infections and 8 fatalities, but two-dozen Iranian natives — including two who work in the medical field and three government employees tell Your Content the death toll is closer to 100 … with another ‘few thousand’ confirmed cases.

According to state-run media, Mayor of District 13 of Tehran, Mojtaba Rahmanzadeh, had meetings with several officials, including other high-ranking political figures, in the past few days before testing positive for the virus himself.

‘Several members of the Council will also be tested for the virus,’ the posting goes on to read.

“Censorship. It can have deadly consequences,” Pompeo said Tuesday at the State Department.

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“Had China permitted its own and foreign journalists and medical personnel to speak and investigate freely, Chinese officials and other nations would have been far better prepared to address the challenge.”

Later in his remarks, the secretary asserted that Iran is also concealing pertinent information regarding the number of people who contracted the virus. The World Health Organization estimates that eight people have died among a total of 43 confirmed cases.

However, reports out of Iran are contradictory to the organization’s tallies. An Iranian lawmaker says that 50 people have died in the city of Qom and the deputy health minister, who confirmed he tested positive for coronavirus Tuesday, said the number of deaths stands at 12.

Coronavirus covered-up in Iran by state-run media, death toll nearing 100, not 12 » Your Content
Iran’s Mohammad Reza Shajarian, a superstar of Persian classical music, walks onstage to perform with his son Homayoun and the Ava Ensemble to a largely Iranian audience at the Orpheum Theater in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2008. (📸: Heinz Ruckemann/UPI Photo / Landov)

One of Iran’s most beloved and prominent classical singers, Mohammed Reza Shajarian, was reported dead in the midst of the Iranian voting event and Covid-19 scare. But reports have surfaced he’s hospital ridden and his son took to social media to show the iconic Iranian’s vital signs from the hospital.

The singers roots are classical but beloved and adored despite age differences in Iran. His presence in Iranian music would be likened to Michael Jordan’s to basketball fans in America.

The 18% fatality rate from Iran coincides with more clusters of outbreaks in South Korea and Italy.

Reports of all surrounding schools, universities and cultural centers closing in Tehran came amidst questions from local Iranian’s on how the coronavirus infiltrated Iranian borders.

Over a dozen cities in Northern Italy were put in lockdown, according to the Chicago Tribune, adding to the Captain Trips scenario that fuels internet discussions.

The coronavirus reportedly originated in Wuhan, China and remains the topic of skeptics that question if the virus was bioengineered.

Family members of those overtaken by Covid-19 in Iran took to social media to convey their fear, grief and skepticism of how the nation dealt with the outbreak.

Those same skeptics point out Iran’s willingness to have Chinese officials enter Tehran for the Chinese Lunar New Year in late January.

Skeptics in Iran also claim that while other countries initiated a firewall of Chinese originated flights, Iranian government officials didn’t heed that same stance and allowed flights bi-directional from China to Iran.

Iran has also been reported by real-time internet watchdogs to limit access to internet to its citizens when events arise they wish to hide from the world’s purview.

Other countries surrounding Iran took the lead on containment Sunday with Turkey and Pakistan closing their borders to Iranians. This came around the same time a 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck northern Iran and parts of Turkey.

The fish market where the first cases were reported, is only a short distance away from Wuhan’s designated P4 level bio-engineering research facility. It’s original intent was to study SARS, the evolved name of Covid-19 indicates SAR remnants while clinical studies were underway to treat with HIV drugs.

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