Saturday, October 31, 2020
Saturday, October 31, 2020

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Mars will soon have ‘Wright Brothers Moment’

As part of NASA's next mission to Mars this summer, the space agency will attempt to do something that has never been...

Suicide or Murder? Deaths by Tree Hanging Dissected by Expert

STEPHEN KING once said: “Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.”

Cop Involved in Execution of George Floyd RELEASED from Prison, Posts Bail

A SECOND of the four former Minneapolis cops who have been charged in the death of George Floyd has been released from...

Brazil tops 1 million cases as coronavirus spreads inland

“The risk in the interior now is very big,” she said. ”Our health system just can’t solve the most serious cases...

US Government Remains Silent on Cyber Attacks as Australia Zeroes on ‘State Operatives’

An advanced state-sponsored cyber attack is targeting the Australian government and has similar traits of the cyber attack earlier this week in the US.

UNDER ATTACK! Australia Reports Identical Cyber Attack US Suffered Monday, Suspects Sought

AUSTRALIA is under the 'most sophisticated cyber attack in modern history,' according to officials who claim to know where the cyber terrorists...

Fotis Dulos’ Mistress-Turned-Girlfriend Michelle Troconis Begs Court to Remove Bail Conditions

Connecticut's most hated mistress-turned-girlfriend has asked the court to remove bail conditions after evidence of a potential fourth suspect surfaced.

FBI Deploys Agents to Oakland to Investigate Death by Tree Hanging at Lake Merritt: Feds

Sources close to the situation tell Your Content exclusively that the case has escalated to 'suspicious deaths' as additional bodies surface.


Whereabouts of ‘Election Book’ Remains ‘Unknown’ in Delco, Alarms Raised Amid Election 2020

The whereabouts of ‘voter books’ from all townships in Delaware County remain unknown just three days before the election.

First Blue Moon to Appear on Halloween Since 1940s But NO Parties Allowed Due to COVID

Halloween on a Saturday, with the first full moon since 2001, first blue moon since 1944, and extra hour with daylight savings has been 'ruined' due to coronavirus, millions of people around the world declared over the weekend, Your Content has...
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New York Becomes First State to MANDATE COVID-19 Testing Upon Entry

New York has eliminated its quarantine travel advisory list, replacing it with mandatory testing for all.

Greek Orthodox Priest Gunned Down in France As He Was Closing Church, Gunman Sought

French authorities are scouring the city of Lyon in France after a gunman shot and seriously wounded a priest.
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