Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Wednesday, March 22, 2023

    Cops uncover treasure-trove after dimwits continue zipping by despite police presence

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    Police in Newtown were as stunned as motorists who were getting pulled over Wednesday when officers realized dimwit drivers hadn’t slowed down in recent days … despite a continuous 3 month speed enforcement trap organized police, Your Content has learned.

    But today police took it up a notch … lassoing in nearly one dozen drivers in one swoop.

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    “Despite conducting speed enforcement in the 600 block of N. Newtown Street Road for the last several months, the Newtown Township Police Department is still seeing high speeds in the area,” the Newtown Township Police Department wrote on Facebook Wednesday evening.

    “So this morning our officers were out in force. We’re sure the residents were happy seeing all the red and blue lights flashing. The motorists? … not so much.”

    Neighbors were baffled as drivers continued speeding despite the number of known speed enforcement locations organized by THREE separate police departments that patrol the long road.

    “We are somewhat speechless that anyone would make a decision so stupid,” said a woman walking her dog.

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    “Rather than give repeat speeders a measly ticket, how about crushing their car in front of them,” said another person on social media.

    Just last month, police from Marple, Upper Providence and Newtown Townships collected over $1 million in traffic citations issued on the long Delaware County road.

    Hopefully they keep it up at this rate, police can likely save Delaware County from any future tax woes.

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