Monday, March 13, 2023
Monday, March 13, 2023

    President Trump Speaks Out About Ahmaud Arbery Murder and Video: ‘It Breaks My Heart to Watch It’

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    President Trump broke his silence on the assassination-style murder of Ahmaud Arbery — confirming several local, state and federal agencies are investigating the ‘heartbreaking murder’ that he’s following ‘very closely,’ Your Content has exclusively learned.

    “I think it’s horrible, and it’s certainly being looked at by many people.  I’m speaking to many people about it,” said President Trump.

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    “I saw the picture of him in his tuxedo; it was so beautiful.  I mean, he looks like a — a wonderful, young guy.  Would have been a wonderful — I mean, just a wonderful guy.”

    The remarks came during a coronavirus briefing after 9 p.m. Monday night.

    “I think it’s a horrible thing.  I think it’s a horrible thing.”

    We broke the story … Ahmaud Arbery‘s mom says local cops would’ve ‘covered up’ the murder had the viral video not been made public.

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    “Now, with that being said, as you know, they’re studying the case very carefully.  They’re interviewing everybody involved, and we’ll see what happens.  To me, it’s a very sad thing.”

    “I spoke to a number of people that are very much involved in it.  I’ve been following that one very closely.”

    “It breaks your heart to watch it. It breaks your heart.”

    “And certainly, it was a terrible-looking video to me.”

    “But you have a lot of people looking at it, and hopefully an answer is going to be arrived at very quickly.  But it’s something that is heartbreaking.”

    President Trump continued: “Well, I saw the tape, and when they moved left, I don’t believe — when they moved left, outside of the tape, nobody saw what was going on.  Nobody saw it.  It’s an empty spot on the tape, I guess.”

    “Now, do they have additional tapes?  I hope.  But I will say that it’s something that, based on what I saw, doesn’t look good.”

    President Trump says he spoke to Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina.

    “I said: ‘Tim, what do you think? Tell me.  What do you think?'”

    “He’s very disturbed by it. He’s very disturbed. And I’m very disturbed [by it] also.”

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