Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Wednesday, March 22, 2023

    Rudy Giuliani Compares Philly Alleged Voter Fraud to Scene From ‘My Cousin Vinny’, Says Tanzania Holds More Honest Elections Than Philly

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    President Donald Trump’s lawyer and former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani, said Thursday Tanzania is more honest than Philadelphia in their elections and witnesses for the city resemble those from the film ‘My Cousin Vinny,’ Your Content has learned.

    “When its being counted, almost invariably in the United States, up until the mass cheating that went on in this election, Republican and Democrat specters are allowed to watch the unsealing of the ballot.” Giuliani declared.

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    “‘My Cousin Vinny;’ The nice lady who said she saw and then he says to her how many fingers do I got up? And she says 3. She was too far away to see it was only two. These people were further away than My Cousin Vinny was—couldn’t see a thing.”

    “It used to go on all over America when we conducted honest elections—because the only time you can find out if its a fraudulent ballot is when you review the envelope. That could’ve been Micky Mouse. That could’ve been a dead person. That could have been the same person 30 times—and all of these things have happened by the way. That could have been nothing filled out—we’ll never know. For example, the recount going on in Georgia means nothing because for example in Pennsylvania where we have precise evidence that these ballots were cast, put in and they were expected—which renders them ballot null and void. Cannot be counted. Have to be removed from the vote.


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    “For several reasons, not the least of which is that was basically only one of two places in the state that was done—and that’s not the only fraud that went on in Pennsylvania.

    “All of the fraud that was carried out happened there as well. For example, if you made a mistake on that ballot and you lived in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh you were allowed to fix the mistake. But if you live in the more Republican parts of the state, you were given no such right.

    “Clearly illegal. Easily voter fraud. Easily provable. Easily hundreds of witnesses—maybe thousands.”

    Giuliani added: “This stuff doesn’t happen in Tanzania.”

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