Friday, September 29, 2023
Friday, September 29, 2023
Friday, September 29, 2023

Cleaning Gig Led to Woman Being Kidnapped, Chained in Louisville House of Horror




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Louisville, KY—In a harrowing rescue operation, Louisville Metro Police Department officers successfully freed a woman who had been chained to the floor inside a residence in the Park Hill neighborhood, Your Content has learned. The incident unfolded on Aug. 17, prompting a rapid response from law enforcement.

Around 7 p.m. last Wednesday, the LMPD received a 911 call from concerned neighbors residing in the 1700 block of Bolling Avenue. The callers reported hearing the sound of a woman in distress and calling for help.

Responding officers were stunned upon arriving at the scene and discovering a woman who had been chained by the neck on the second floor of the home.

(📸: Image: YouTube/WDRB)

Initial attempts at entering the premises were thwarted as officers encountered a barricaded main door. Determined to reach the woman, officers utilized a ladder to access the second floor.

The unsettling discovery awaited them: a woman, identified as Jonna Wilson, was found chained by her neck to the floor within the residence, bodycam footage of the intense situation reveals. The chain, secured with a MasterLock, was affixed to the floor using screws. Officers managed to remove the chain from its anchor, ultimately freeing the woman from her ordeal.

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It has been reported that she remained confined within the residence for a number of hours, where she was reportedly chained and secured. (📸: YouTube/WDRB)

Moises May, 36, has been charged with kidnapping, two counts of assault and terroristic threatening. It is understood that the victim, identified as Wilson, and May have a daughter together. Wilson had willingly gone to the property after he offered to pay her to clean it.

Moises May, 36, charged with kidnapping, two counts of assault and terroristic threatening (📸: Louisville Metro Police)

“The neighbors right here, they called 911 and they came and got me,” Wilson told the outlet. “If not, he would have killed me. I said: ‘This is my only time, if I didn’t get free now, I’ll be dead.’”

“He made me strip naked, he put the chain around my neck, he called his friend and said, ‘I’ve got to take this equipment back to Lowe’s. When I come back, I’m going to kill you.'”

“I only had a few minutes to get out.”

Under the guise of compensating her for cleaning, Jonna Wilson was enticed to the residence by her daughter’s father. (📸: YouTube/WDRB)

Wilson claims that she was chained up for around five hours before her rescue.

“She can come here to get a shower, she can put on clean clothes that we’ll get her, she can have a hot meal Monday, Wednesday, Friday,” Amy Leenerts, founder of Free2Hope, said. “We’ll be there for her, just like we are for all the women in this community.”

EMS and the fire department provided immediate medical attention to the rescued woman. However, the extent of her injuries has not been disclosed by authorities at this time.

Sgt. Matt Sanders, LMPD’s media and public relations commander, asserted the department’s unwavering commitment to bringing the suspect to justice, stating: “We will not stop looking for this suspect until he is in police custody.”

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