Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Tuesday, May 30, 2023


    Trump dubs General Mark Milley a ‘dumbass’ and ‘failed leader’ amid book

    Trump confirmed in a statement Tuesday that General Mark Milley is a 'dumbass' and the 'failed leader' responsible for the Afghan crisis.

    Trump says Biden handled Afghan ordeal ‘in reverse order’ and slams Generals for being ‘woke’

    Trump slammed the Biden Administration Thursday, dubbing Generals 'woke' who 'worked in reverse' with President Biden to untangle the Afghanistan situation.

    Trump: President Biden must ‘resign’ asserting ‘he wasn’t elected legitimately’

    Trump has officially called on President Biden and VP Harris to resign due to the Taliban terror situation unfolding in Afghanistan.

    Former President Trump declares the United States ‘is going to hell’ amid Biden talking-points

    Former President Donald J. Trump declared Friday the United States ‘is going to hell’ due to Biden.

    Donald Trump returns back to work, to visit ‘decimated Southern border’ with Texas Gov. Abbott

    Former President Donald J. Trump has accepted an invitation to inspect the quickly deteriorating border.

    Trump says ‘what went on’ in Philly must be ‘properly and legally exposed’

    Former President Donald J. Trump wants a proper and legal strategy to expose officials in Pennsylvania.

    Trump reveals he’d like Pres. Biden ‘far better than’ himself if he were a foreign leader: ‘They will now get very rich’

    Former President Trump confessed he too would like Biden far better than President Trump, because ‘he’d get rich.’

    Trump declares ‘2020 Presidential Election Scam’ was the ‘crime of the century’

    Trump said Saturday that the previous presidential election was nothing but a ‘scam’ — dubbing it the ‘crime of the century.’

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