Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Tuesday, March 21, 2023

    PA Attorney General Demanded State Conceal Docs of Careless State Rep’s Accident!

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    Following a crash-spree of disgraced Delaware County State Representative Margo Davidson, the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General barred the victims from the state rep’s accident from speaking to the media  about their settlement, according to exclusive documents leaked to yc.news Friday.

    The addendum was added to avoid negative campaign publicity that would’ve hit Davidson following her crash-spree in a taxpayer-funded vehicle earlier this year, as it took well over three months for the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General to acknowledge demands from yc.news that the documents be made public.

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    “It is further understood and agreed and made part hereof, that neither the undersigned, nor their attorney(s), nor other representatives will in any way publicize to other persons or in any news or communications media, including but not limited to newspapers, magazines, radio or television, the facts or terms and conditions of this settlement,” the agreement made between the office of Josh Shapiro, the Pennsylvania Attorney General and the victims Melita Webb and Ethan Webb who sued the state after Davidson plowed into their vehicle in 2015.

    Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s campaign revolved around the promise of bringing ‘transparency’ and ‘integrity’ back to Pennsylvania following the indictment and conviction of former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, but the documents leaked to yc.news clearly indicate that his office assisted in concealing information from the media and the public.

    Immediately following the settlement, yc.news emailed Attarah Feenan, the attorney of record representing the plaintiffs, Melita Webb and Ethan Webb. Feenane stated “The terms of the settlement are confidential under the Release,” despite the fact that her client was given a check payable with taxpayer money.

    “They couldn’t speak because of how close the primary was to the date of the settlement,” a source close to the plaintiffs revealed to yc.news Saturday. “The attorney from the [Pennsylvania] Office of the Attorney General made it clear they couldn’t speak to anyone, even their loved ones, about the settlement. They mentioned that the state representative was already all over television for two other crashes and they didn’t need any additional bad press on it.”

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    yc.news reached out to the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the bizarre addendum – they stated they will be “looking into” the documents leaked to yc.news Friday but will not “confirm nor deny” any future investigation into the leaked docs.

    The Office of the Attorney General and Attarah Feenan, Esq. did not reply to requests for comment.

    » EXCLUSIVE! The ‘Hush Hush’ Documents! Check Out Page 2!

    Reporting by Anthony Loro & Agnes Bedard.

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