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Janie Santana had ‘mental breakdown’ over NY Post report, logs onto Facebook




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Janie Santana suffered a 'mental breakdown' and logged onto Facebook after a Post story revealed the embattled mother was a serial catfisher.

Janie Santana logged onto Facebook in an apparent “mental breakdown” after a New York Post story revealed the embattled mother of Rudy Farias was a serial catfisher, Your Content has exclusively learned.

Sources close to the investigation have disclosed to the Post that Janie Santana, the mother of the now-returned 25-year-old Rudy Farias, had been leading a secret life as an internet “catfish.”

Since the explosive report surfaced, Santana was caught logging onto Facebook in what her friend told Your Content is part of an apparent “mental breakdown.”

“She is having a mental breakdown,” a longtime friend of Janie Santana told Your Content. “I’d say she’s more upset that her aliases were made public than anything else that happened this past week. She’s been logging on and off of Facebook all day over that new article published by the New York Post.”

The friend says Janie wants a “fresh start” as a result of the widely reported investigation that captivated the nation.

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“She wants to get out of Houston like yesterday,” the friend said. “Janie blames the police for ‘vilifying’ her. She told me: ‘If anyone committed a crime—they did with their lies. All I did in this case was provide a loving home.’”

She had assumed false identities online, meticulously crafting an illusion of popularity and enhanced attractiveness, the Post report reveals.

According to individuals who had interacted with Santana online, she has left a significant digital presence that includes a set of fabricated Facebook profiles she supposedly utilized for fraudulent purposes.

On Friday, it was revealed by the Post that Santana frequently employed photos of others, such as a picture of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed country singer, which differed greatly from her own appearance.

This information was shared with the publication by a local activist known as “Grizzy,” but the photo was subsequently modified.

“She created a family of catfish profiles to support her posts because nobody likes her stuff or comments back, so she’s created a lot of fake profiles to circle her,” Grizzy told the Post. “She’s using it for love, for personal gain, for money — whatever she needs it for. She’s a very calculating person.”

What’s more, Janie Santana, the woman at the center of the explosive claims that she kept her 25-year-old son hidden away for eight years, has mysteriously vanished from the area.

According to several news reports, Janie skipped town on Wednesday night, leaving everyone bewildered and searching for answers.

The current whereabouts of Janie Santana remain unknown. Police have declined to file charges at this time. However, the investigation is still “fluid,” police confirm.

As Your Content readers know, the Houston Police Department announced that Rudy Farias, the man who had reportedly been missing for eight years, was not actually missing during that time.

HPD authorities disclosed this information during a press conference held on Thursday, shedding new light on the mysterious case that captivated the nation overnight.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said the department’s investigation is ongoing and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

According to an HPD Lieutenant, Farias, who is now 25 years old, returned home the day after his family reported him missing in 2015, Houston Public Media reported.

Initially, his family had reported that he disappeared while walking his dogs. It was also discovered that Farias and his mother, Janie Santana, had provided false names and birth dates to the authorities during previous encounters with HPD.

The HPD Lieutenant revealed, “Rudy’s mother continued to deceive police by remaining adamant that he was still missing.” However, neither Farias nor Santana will face charges from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office for making false reports at this time.

Detective Christopher Zamora added that Santana “continued to deceive police by remaining adamant that Rudy was still missing.”

“It is a criminal offense to give false names (to police),” Zamora also said during a Thursday news conference. “There were instances when he did that, and his mother. At this time, our DA has declined to accept charges until our investigation is complete.”

As Your Content readers know, the mom of ‘missing’ Rudy Farias could face serious criminal charges for the bizarre turn of events that unfolded after her son reappeared after vanishing for eight years.

“The charges could range from kidnapping, to sexual assault, to child endangerment.” Connecticut based criminal defense attorney Norm Pattis told Your Content. “It is a truly bizarre set of allegations.”

Pattis said the charges depend on the mental state of Rudy—who was allegedly held captive by his mother for eight years.

“A lot depends on the mental health of Mr. Farias. I suspect police are working hard to try to corroborate his allegations,” concluded Pattis.

As the investigation continues, the Houston Police Department declined to comment further when approached by Your Content, citing the ongoing nature of the case.

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