Friday, September 29, 2023
Friday, September 29, 2023
Friday, September 29, 2023

Hollywood Publicist Joins Call for Justice in Homicide of TSU Student Mia Kanu




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Publicist and equal justice advocate Andrew Wyatt, known for representing Bill Cosby, expressed solidarity with Mia Kanu's family.

The ongoing homicide case of Mia Kanu, a Tennessee State University student, has garnered Hollywood’s attention as it enters its third month. Your Content has been closely following the case since its beginning, staying in weekly contact with local law enforcement for updates.

Born in Lansing, Michigan, on January 25, 2000, Mia was known for her active participation in volleyball and school activities. Prior to her tragic homicide, she served as a Veterinary Assistant at the Richland Animal Clinic in Tennessee.

Kanu was found dead on Providence Drive in Southfield, Michigan, a town approximately 15 miles northwest of Detroit, following a night out with friends. Her mother, Bianca Vanmeter, had been aware of her daughter’s concerns regarding the vehicle she was reportedly ejected from.

Andrew Wyatt, a publicist and equal rights activist known for his representation of Bill Cosby, has spoken out on Mia’s case.

Wyatt, having no prior connection to Mia, was moved to action after learning about the case and the perceived lack of mainstream media attention it received.

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“In the wake of this tragic loss, I stand with the family and friends of Mia Kanu, a student at Tennessee State University,” Wyatt wrote. “More than two months have passed since her death, and the absence of charges by authorities is a grave concern.”

Your Content previously reported a shift in the investigation after Southfield Police Department officials suggested the incident was not random. A senior ranking law enforcement source described the unknown perpetrator as a “monster.”

“This incident wasn’t random. Someone intentionally inflicted harm on Mia. The case has now shifted from an unexplained death to a confirmed homicide,” the law enforcement source previously revealed.

As the search for clues continues, Vanmeter grapples with the immense loss of her daughter and a multitude of unanswered questions about the circumstances leading to Mia’s death.

Mia had sent her mother a photograph of the vehicle registration she had been asked to secure on the night she died.

Wyatt expressed grave concern about the disturbing circumstances surrounding Mia’s death. He voiced frustration over the lack of arrests, and, in a direct appeal to the public, underscored the significance of Mia’s life and the urgency of achieving justice.

“It is unthinkable that someone’s life could be discarded so easily, with no one even calling for help.”

“Such horrific incidents should not go unpunished in our society. Mia’s life mattered, and her story matters. It’s our duty to ensure that her memory is respected by uncovering the truth,” Wyatt concluded.

The case remains active, and the ongoing nature of the investigation has resulted in limited release of details. The Southfield Police Department is reviewing video footage and interviewing individuals present at the party on the night of Mia’s death.

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