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Friday, February 16, 2024
Friday, February 16, 2024

Michelle Troconis ‘Not A Flight Risk’ Despite Flying 1,300 Miles to Miami to Violate COVID Social Distancing Rules




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Muddleheaded Michelle is so intent on cheating justice she's packed her bags and left Connecticut overnight and journeyed to Miami for a 'family reunion.'

Muddleheaded Michelle Troconis is so intent on cheating justice she’s packed her bags and left Connecticut overnight under the cloak of darkness to Miami for a ‘family reunion’ despite standing trial in connection to the disappearance of mother-of-five Jennifer Dulos, Your Content has learned.

What’s more, she has violated Miami-Dade’s coronavirus precautions to slow the spread of the deadly disease by refusing to wear a face covering as she posed for photos with her father who ‘tested positive and recovered’ from the disease.

The bizarre trip came just after a judge ruled that the former mistress, Michelle Troconis, 45, will no longer have to be on house arrest and a curfew pending her case in the disappearance and alleged murder of Jennifer Farber Dulos, 50.

Troconis has to ask for permission before crossing state lines, and must remain on GPS monitoring, Law & Crime reports.

“Michelle needs to stop posting on Instagram as if she is not standing trial for a heinous crime. The ‘fine line’ she’s beginning to enjoy will soon be over,” a retired officer from Miami-Dade Police Department said.

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“For Troconis, it’s just a choice. Do I stand trial – or do I leave the country?”

Troconis traveled over 1,300 miles away from the small Connecticut town to Miami overnight.

Her lawyer vehemently denies she is a flight risk.

Your Content spoke to Ira Judelson, New York’s foremost bail bondsman ‘with over $30 million on the street’ known as a modern-day ‘fixer’ with clients ranging from the rich and powerful to the mafia running the mean streets of the Big Apple.

“If it was my bond and she did violate her bond contract, then her bond could be revoked by the courts and she could be extradited immediately.” Judelson told Your Content.

Judelson, who is not involved in the case and nor privy to any specifics about Troconis’ bail, told Your Content if she does violate any bond conditions while in Florida or elsewhere, extradition back to Connecticut is ‘very possible.’

“Again, I’m not involved in this case but if any defendant violates bond, they face immediate extradition if ordered by the court.”

He said extradition varies depending on the seriousness of the crime and risk of flight.

As for the relaxing of the bond release conditions, Schoenhorn argued that they have proved to be onerous, highlighting that Troconis’ father, Dr. Carlos Troconis, was recently released from a hospital in Florida after suffering from COVID-19, but his daughter cannot visit him due to the strict conditions.

Though Florida’s coronavirus travel restrictions have been lifted, Troconis is photographed without a face covering next to her father, who falls under the ‘high risk’ category.

“We’re not asking for her passport back from authorities, nor are we asking you to lift the ban on communicating with the Farber family,” Schoenhorn previously said.

The Patch reported Troconis is said to have ties to the community through friendships and her design business, and she is not a flight risk.

“My client has shown that she’s been able to abide by all the conditions that have been imposed upon her.”

Despite the travel lift, health officials urge individuals traveling from regions such as New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to self-quarantine for 14 days when visiting.

“Studies on social media says… Readers from Twitter, Facebook and others are getting false news and they travel faster than true stories.” Troconis wrote Thursday.

“Research project finds humans are primarily responsible for spread of misleading information.

“I encourage my colleagues to be responsible and do your job the right way.

“We want a better world! And it starts from us.”

As Your Content readers know, Fotis’ sister Rena previously asserted that the perpetrator behind Jennifer’s disappearance remains at large and a threat to the public. She also criticized the state, judicial system and members of the media for influencing public opinion.

“We are shocked at how Law Enforcement obsessively focused with speculation and circumstantial evidence on an innocent man and turned their back on finding the real perpetrator of this tragedy, who is now at large, still a threat to public safety.” Rena said in the statement. “Words are not enough to describe our thoughts, emotions, and sorrow.”

“We are enraged with the Media that used him to make sensationalistic headlines, thus manipulating public opinion; the Media abandoned the presumption of innocence, seeming heedless of the effect its reporting would have on the children in this case.”

Jennifer Dulos, 50, vanished on May 24 after dropping her five children off at school. 

One individual who was previously briefed on the investigation told Your Content the investigation faced grim hurdles but proceeded due to the immense and increasing pressure.

“This investigation was extremely thorough when it came to focusing in on Fotis – probably one of the most comprehensive investigations in the history of the state of Connecticut. But it was directed at one person and one person only,” the insider told Your Content. “Professional police work took a backseat in this case and they were more concerned about the public than they were at doing their jobs. This case is heavy on emotion and low on evidence.”

The source added: “The problem with this investigation that you’ll find is that it reached the level of desperation. At what point do we stop speculating and guessing; at what point do we stop being so desperate?”

Dulos, a luxury home builder originally from Greece, was accused of killing Jennifer Dulos, who has not been seen since she dropped their five children off at school in May in New Canaan. Her body has not been found despite extensive searches. Fotis Dulos had denied any role in her disappearance.

The children, who ranged in age from 8 to 13 when their mother vanished, are in the custody of their maternal grandmother in New York City. 

Dulos insisted he was innocent in a note found near him, according to a court motion filed by his lawyers Thursday. In the note recovered by police officers, Dulos “declared his innocence of the infamous and heinous crimes that the state has accused him of and claimed his lawyers have the evidence to prove it,” his lawyers wrote in the filing asking a judge to order the state to preserve the note and other evidence found at the home.

On the day Fotis Dulos was found unresponsive, he had been facing an emergency bond hearing where he could have been sent back to jail. The company that originally posted the $6 million bond had learned that two properties offered as collateral were subject to foreclosure and a third was overvalued. 

Police officers who went to check on Dulos because he was late for the hearing saw through a garage window that he was in medical distress. Emergency responders forced their way into the garage and medics performed CPR for about 30 minutes; he was taken to a hospital by ambulance after a pulse was discovered, Farmington police said Thursday. A lawyer for Dulos, and others, initially said he had died before saying a pulse had been found.

Dulos was eventually transferred to the Jacobi Medical Center in New York City for treatment. 

Fotis Dulos was arrested Jan. 7 on murder and kidnapping charges, capping a lengthy investigation in which he emerged early as the primary suspect. 

Warrants released last summer, when Dulos was charged initially with evidence tampering and hindering prosecution, said that he and a girlfriend were seen on video surveillance driving in Hartford around the time Jennifer Dulos was reported missing. The man was seen tossing garbage bags into more than 30 trash bins in the area that were later determined to have items with Jennifer Dulos’ blood on them.

Items in the garbage bags included clothing belonging to Jennifer Dulos and plastic zip ties that later tested positive for her DNA.

In filings in the two-year divorce proceedings, Jennifer Dulos said she was worried for her safety and that of the couple’s children.

In the arrest warrants, police suggested a possible financial motive, saying Fotis Dulos was $7 million in debt and would have had some access to the children’s trust funds if Jennifer Dulos died. Fotis Dulos denied that allegation.

Police allege Fotis Dulos lay in wait at Jennifer Dulos’ home in New Canaan for her to return after dropping the children off. Authorities say Fotis Dulos attacked the woman in her garage, leaving behind a bloody crime scene, and drove off with her body.

Dulos had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

“We intend to proceed on as if he were alive to vindicate him,” Pattis said. 

Fotis Dulos’ former mistress-turned-girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, and his friend, attorney Kent Mawhinney, are both charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Police said they helped Fotis Dulos try to cover up the killing, including by creating bogus alibis.

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