Thursday, March 30, 2023
Thursday, March 30, 2023


    Biden reportedly used private email server on Hunter Biden’s laptop using disguise ‘Robert Peters’

    Then-VP Joe Biden used various private email addresses from which he would send, receive and forward government emails.

    President Biden makes unexpected motorcade stop at Pearl Ice Cream Parlor with Wisconsin Gov. Evers

    President Joe Biden instructed his motorcade ​to make an off-the-record stop at a nearby ice cream parlor to cool down.

    Biden Administration claims ‘Americans are paying less for gas’ than they have ‘on average over the 15 years’

    The Biden Administration said Americans ‘are paying less, in real terms, for gas than they have on average over the last 15 years.’

    Biden promises to provide ‘close consultation’ to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amid terror attacks

    The Biden Administration will help the Israeli government wipe out any terrorists seen prowling around.

    President Biden unveils White House ‘visitor log’ to avoid secret visits and rendezvous with FIVE ‘privacy’ exceptions

    The White House will no longer allow secret rendezvous to take place after unveiling a ‘visitor log’.

    President Joe Biden holds off-the-record ‘small chat’ on private jet with Wisconsin Gov. Evers

    President Joe Biden had an impromptu meeting with Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers on a private jet.

    President Biden ‘briefed on ebola outbreak’ in Central and West Africa to begin preparations

    President Joe Biden is risking no more pandemics—going as far as speaking to African officials over ebola.

    President Joe Biden Accepts Resignation of TJ Ducklo for His Outlandish Behavior Behind Closed Doors

    TJ Ducklo had a full-blown temper tantrum behind closed doors, before threatening a Politico reporter.

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