Thursday, January 19, 2023
Thursday, January 19, 2023


    Video FINALLY Surfaces to Back Your Content’s Report of 3 Jetpack Sightings at LAX

    Video finally surfaced to validate Your Content’s previous stories about a man believed to be flying a jetpack nonchalantly journeying to LAX.

    Justice Seekers Descend on Nancy Pelosi’s Posh Cali Home to Hang Blow Dryers from Trees

    Female protesters wearing curlers in their hair gathered outside Pelosi's home and hang hairdryers in her tree.

    American Airlines Pilot Reports Seeing ‘Guy In Jet pack’ Nearby LAX Runway

    An American Airlines pilot reports seeing a mystery person in a jetpack flying high above Los Angeles.

    Los Angeles Mandates All 10 Million Residents Wear Face Coverings

    All Los Angeles County residents must wear face masks when outside their homes, Health Director Barbara Ferrer announced Thursday.

    🦠 Coronavirus ‘infestation’ strikes Los Angeles area after flight attendant tests positive

    A Korean Air flight attendant who frequented LAX has emerged as the first instance of a cabin crew member testing positive for the coronavirus since it first broke out from the Chinese epicenter.

    Nearly two dozen children treated after Delta airliner dumps jet fuel above school

    Fire crews treated 17 children and 9 adults at Cudahy and South Los Angeles elementary schools after a fuel dump by an aircraft.

    Gloria Allred sued for $1 million by award-winning Los Angeles broadcaster

    Famed Los Angeles women's rights attorney Gloria Allred is due in court for a suit filed approximately one-year ago by Kyle Hunter, an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and meteorologist based out of Los Angeles, California.

    Gloria Allred files suit on Chris Brown alleging woman was kidnapped, forced to go to ‘hardcore party’ before being raped

    "While hardcore “partying” took place in Brown’s house, Plaintiff sat in a room near the dining area/kitchen, isolating herself from other guests and partiers, hoping that Brown and the other partiers would leave her alone."

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