Saturday, February 22, 2020

Amazon Prime adds all 8 seasons of The Cosby Show to it’s platform

Reruns of The Cosby Show haven’t been seen on TV since July 2015, but anyone willing to put aside Bill Cosby’s history of allegations of sexual abuse could still stream the show on demand if they had a subscription to Amazon Prime.

Bounce TV, however, resumed airing the series in December 2016. On May 19, 2017, TV One began airing reruns of the show.

Bill Cosby is standing trial in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in his Cheltenham home , the former Director of Operations for Women’s Basketball at Temple University.

Tom Mesereau, leading the Cosby defense team brought various speed bumps and poked holes in the prosecution’s case, stating the accuser was solely in-love with the comedian’s fame and money.

Sources say Netflix is also in the works of bringing The Cosby Show back to it’s platform.

The Cosby Show is an American television sitcom starring Bill Cosby, which aired for eight seasons on NBC from September 20, 1984, until April 30, 1992. The show focuses on the Huxtable family, an upper middle-class African-American family living in Brooklyn, New York.

According to TV Guide, the show “was TV’s biggest hit in the 1980s, and almost single handedly revived the sitcom genre and NBC’s ratings fortunes.” TV Guide also ranked it 28th on their list of 50 Greatest Shows. In addition, Cliff Huxtable was named as the “Greatest Television Dad”

The show’s portrayal of a successful, stable black family was praised by some for breaking racial stereotypes and showing another part of the African-American experience. However, it was criticized by others, including Henry Louis Gates, for allowing white audiences to think that racism and poverty were problems of the past. As a result of the sexual assault allegations against Cosby, Malcolm-Jamal Warner has stated that the show’s legacy is “tarnished”, but that didn’t stop Amazon Prime from bringing the show back by popular demand.

Within a couple of years, more U.S. households could be subscribers of Amazon Prime than cable or satellite TV, according to recent estimates of Amazon’s popular shipping and entertainment service.

– The Latest from the Bill Cosby Trial –

Temple employee says Constand told her she could set up a celebrity, file charges, file a civil suit, use the money to quit her job, go back to college & open up a business.

Andrea Constand lies about hiring lawyer prior to suing Bill Cosby for over $3 million in 2005.

Tom Mesereau asks Constand to read her inconsistent statements to jurors; raises reasonable doubt to her claims.

Cosby accuser Andrea Constand changes story for 6th time during the retrial of Bill Cosby.

Cosby accuser alleges New York Magazine altered or edited her story on the infamous cover of New York Magazine’s July 2015 issue.

Cosby accuser raises reasonable doubt; states her friend gave her the infamous Quaaludes. 

Cosby prosecutor flying in wanted prostitute to testify against Comedian Bill Cosby.

What Cosby jurors will hear during open statements; inconsistencies. Motive to get money, money and lots more money.

Prediction: Attorney A. Charles Peruto, Jr. says no jury will ever reach a unanimous verdict on Bill Cosby trial.

YC 2017 Bill Cosby verdict prediction.

2017 Trial: Defense drowns jurors with reasonable doubt on second day of the Bill Cosby trial.

2017 Trial: The defining moment, closing arguments remind jurors of inconsistencies, motive, and lack of evidence against Bill Cosby.

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Authorities responding to motorcycle down on I-95: source

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At least 3 people wounded in Chester from shootout

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Feds probe if Quaden Bayles is actually a 9 year old boy or an internet actor: source

But as far-fetched as it sounds, these are the astonishing accusations put forward by a wave of people who saw the alleged child's Instagram page.

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