Monday, January 30, 2023
Monday, January 30, 2023

    President Trump Says He Can Now Fix Portland Riot Situation in Just 15 MINUTES: ‘We’re Ready’

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    President Donald Trump declared he can stop the lawlessness erupting in Portland in ‘approximately fifteen minutes’ if local officials simply call him, Your Content has exclusively learned.

    During a walk-through in Kenosha, Wisconsin, President Trump said he was waiting on a call from Portland but also said the government called and offered help. 

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    “We’re ready to go with whatever power we need to use.” President Trump declared.

    “It will take approximately 15 minutes. You don’t see people knocking down statues anymore after I signed the order.

    “This ended in a hour as soon as we announced we were coming. It ended immediately.”

    “You have to be tough. You have to be strong.”

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    President Trump said the Portland mayor’s house was attacked: “All they have to do is ask and we’ll be there within minutes.”

    As Your Content readers know, the president yesterday said he has the manpower to halt the riots in just an hour.

    “We can solve that problem in perhaps one hour. We’ll solve your problem with violence. We’ll solve your problem with crime. We’ll arrest those criminals very rapidly and you’ll be able to have a very peaceful evening in Portland,” President Trump said.

    “The violent rioters share Biden’s talking points and agenda for the nation. Even the strange speech he made in Pittsburgh – he didn’t mention the far left.”

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