Thursday, January 14, 2021
Thursday, January 14, 2021

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🦠 Trump tests NEGATIVE for coronavirus

President Donald Trump has tested negative for the deadly coronavirus, a White House spokesperson has confirmed with Your Content.

Man in stolen Philly ambulance SHOT by police, rushed to real hospital after pursuit

Police are rushing the maniac who stole an ambulance to a Frankford Hospital in Philadelphia, Your Content has learned.

Magnitude 5 earthquake shakes Greece

A magnitude 5.0 quake hit Greece this morning just as neighboring islands are reeling from a series of major quakes this week. The quake occurred...

Philadelphia Police Officer’s Mother Who Fostered Teen Who KILLS Her 3 Days Later

A teen adopted by a decorated Philadelphia Police Officer's mother changed his tune three days after the adoption and brutally stabbed her to death.

WAR: United States Military Base Under Attack, Reports of 10 Rockets Striking Iraq Airbase

The al-Asad airbase in Iraq, which houses American military forces, is under attack. The assault comes days after Iran promised to revenge Soleimani.

9/11 Hijackers DID NOT Get 72 Virgins in Hell, Experts Confirm

The bloodthirsty terrorist-hijackers who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon did not receive 72 virgins.

Racist high-ranking official tells friend he’ll have “airtight job security so long as there’s a n—er” in town

Officials from the Delaware County Adult Probation & Parole Department allegedly exchanged alarming emails throughout the years, and we have learned that select high-ranking...

This young boy in Delaware County left police officers in tears

When hundreds of police officers rode through Trainer during the Police Unity Tour, they were left with an indelible mark by a young man. Countless...


Casey Anthony tests positive for COVID-19 for fourth straight week

Two individuals exclusively told Your Content they’re starting to think the monster mom is lying about her results.

‘Disgruntled employee’ altered State Department website to claim President Trump’s term ended Jan. 11

The United States Department of State showed on Monday that President Donald Trump's term in office ended today.
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Twitter stock to ‘crash like meteor’ for mixing politics into app risking 48 percent of its users in single day

Twitter stock is on a downward spiral after mixing politics into the app—polarizing over 70 million users who plan to ditch the censored service.

MASKS OFF! Lindsay Graham RUSHED out of airport after calm group approached lawmaker

Lindsay Graham was rushed out of an airport terminal by police after a group of people approached the lawmaker Wednesday, Your Content has learned. “I am allowed to speak. Lindsay, you're live on YouTube, can you make a statement to the American people?" says the...
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