Thursday, June 1, 2023
Thursday, June 1, 2023


    FBI Director Chris Wray journeys overseas to meet with national security partners

    America’s top cop embarked on a trip to meet with agents stationed overseas and discuss various national security matters.

    America’s Most Wanted: FBI to Nab These 100 People for Chaos at the Capitol

    The feds intends to capture over one hundred culprits involved in the chaos at the Capitol.

    19-Year-Old Sent to Federal Prison for Tweeting Threat to Blow Federal Reserve to Smithereens

    Federal prosecutors secured a guilty plea from a man they say threatened to blow the federal reserve to smithereens on social media.

    FBI Finds Kidnap Victim, Arrests Her for LYING About Kidnapping Situation

    Federal agents have made a stunning change of direction in a kidnapping investigation that riveted Puerto Rico.

    Boston FBI Nab Felon Child Predator for More Child Porn Charges

    Agents from the FBI busted a man who was serving time on supervised parole for child porn after being found to have more illegal tapes.

    SERIAL KILLERS? Florida FBI Offers Up Reward for Men Sought in Home Invasion Murder

    The Miami Dade Police Department and the FBI continue their investigation into the grizzly crime.

    FBI Bust Ferguson Cop Who Beat Handcuffed Man for No Apparent Reason

    A bad apple has surfaced from the Ferguson Police Department, a federal grand jury indictment reveals.

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