Saturday, June 19, 2021
Saturday, June 19, 2021

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Former President Trump declares the United States ‘is going to hell’ amid Biden talking-points

Former President Donald J. Trump declared Friday the United States ‘is going to hell’ due to Biden.

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un says U.S. MUST prep for ‘dialogue and confrontation’ amid death rumor

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said the United States must prepare for 'dialogue and confrontation.’

Mark and Patricia McCloskey plead guilty in St. Louis for standing ground as rioters zeroed in

Mark and Patricia McCloskey both plead guilty today for their roles in waving guns at protesters outside their home.

Cyber Terrorism? Hong Kong hit in apparent cyber outage in addition to Australia and Southwest Airlines

Multiple websites operated by financial institutions and airlines including Hong Kong's stock exchange and Southwest Airlines went down.

Australia on high alert for potential cyber terrorism as mobile banking apps crash

Customers of several major banks are reporting online banking and app outages and authorities are "urgently investigating” it.

Trump to hold ‘major rally’ in Wellington, Ohio amid political comeback tour

President Donald J. Trump will be hosting a ‘major rally’ in Ohio on Jun. 26.