Saturday, December 9, 2023
Saturday, December 9, 2023
Saturday, December 9, 2023

Disgraced Rep. Margo Davidson: Tricked cops at hearing now subject of new proposed bill to ban taxpayer-funded cars




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• Margo Davidson (D-Pa.) has been under national media-scrutiny after wild crime-ridden joyrides resulted in injuries, lawsuits and charges!
• Davidson tricked cops, according to sources who witnessed the crazed politician battle it out in court.
• Her 'fed up' colleagues are now proposing new legislation that bars all lawmakers from having a taxpayer-funded vehicle.

Disgraced Delaware County State Rep. Margo Davidson’s (D-Pa.) is scheduled to report back before a judge for a string of incidents stemming from several car accidents in a taxpayer-funded vehicle caused by Davidson who, according to Pennsylvania State Police, didn’t have a license!

This time, she’s appealing a decision that eyewitnesses say she begged for! “She pleaded with the trooper for close to 30-minutes,” an eyewitness source who was also there for a parking ticket told “After he agreed, she immediately asked the judge for directions to appeal!”

According to the eyewitness, Davidson asked the judge if she could go soon because she had important bills to vote for in Harrisburg and when she was asked how she planned on getting there without a license, she told the judge: “Uber.” However, the witness said he noticed Davidson lurking around the hallways, peeping out of the window and when the trooper left, she hopped right back in her car and drove off! “I’ve never seen someone run that fast,” the witness told “You’d think she’s a track star. It was something I thought I would only see in a movie!”

Davidson has 30-days to appeal the decision with the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas and since she bamboozled the cop, she’s on the path to have the entire thing thrown out! “If she urged him to change it to a lesser charge and he did, she only has to appeal the lesser charge,” a criminal defense attorney told “She has more leeway now. For example, if she had to appeal the original charge for driving under a suspended license, there wouldn’t be much room for a deal.” Now that the disgraced politician swindled the cop for a lesser charge, it’s “very possible they’ll rule in her favor at the next stage.”

Now, members of the House are so outraged they’re proposing a bill to rid taxpayer-funded vehicles … citing distraught Davidson’s wild behavior!

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State Rep. Brad Roae is proposing a bill to rid lawmakers of all state-lease vehicles. According to Roae and State Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill, the program not only costs the state a significant amount of money, but it raises major issues when lawmakers choose to use these cars outside of work!

State Rep. Roae told FOX43 that there is not enough oversight, especially when sneaky troublemakers get behind the wheel! “Had that been a serious accident taxpayers could be on the hook for millions of dollars in lawsuits,” Roae told FOX43, using State Rep. Margo Davidson as an example – citing her ‘hit-and-run’ accident while driving a taxpayer-funded car while her license was suspended.

As readers know, the state is under fire after being sued for the reckless criminal’s crashes. So far, one couple filed suit demanding over $100,000.00!

Davidson appeared for her second court proceeding stemming from a string of car accidents that included a hit-and-run, driving without a driver’s license, and crashing her immoderate taxpayer-funded vehicle several times before finally totaling it.

According to cops, Davidson was cruising down Interstate 476 on Jan. 11 of this year when she plowed into an innocent driver in standstill traffic, injuring her. Davidson, according to reports, wasted no time! Immediately following the crash, Davidson noticed the driver calling the police, so she hopped back into her official state-issued car and fled the scene well before cops arrived.

The insanity continued into February when the fallen politician crashed her lavish taxpayer-funded vehicleAGAIN – while leaving a campaign party in Concord, Pa. This time, cops put the pieces together and linked the pitiful politician to the previous hit-and-run. This time, Davidson claimed she was injured and as she was whisked away in the ambulance she barked at cops, stating they were being “very rude and nasty.”

Lucky for the safety of the general public, the state revoked Margo’s ability to ever get behind the wheel of a taxpayer-funded vehicle again.

Davidson’s next court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 11, 2018 before Judge Kathrynann W. Durham at the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas.

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