Sunday, January 29, 2023
Sunday, January 29, 2023


    Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo dubbed ‘sex pest’ as New York AG files charges

    Ousted New York Governor Cuomo has been charged with forcible touching, two months after being pushed out of office by New York AG Letitia James.

    #MeToo circus rids New York of Governor Cuomo, replaces him with first female Gov. Kathy Hochul

    Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul is set to take over running the New York state government in two weeks from Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

    President Biden calls for New York Governor Cuomo to resign effective immediately due to sex pest claims

    President Biden called on New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign after an investigation found Cuomo acted inappropriately toward multiple women.

    At-least two people dead after gunfire erupts in Rockland, New York

    Police in Spring Valley are responding to reports of a fatal shooting that left at-least two people dead Monday night.

    Vogue said last year Gov. Cuomo’s ‘forceful language’ should be ‘learning manual for Trump’

    "Your forceful language, and your clear, easy-to-read graphics that are probably meant as a learning manual for Donald Trump."

    Americans ‘Thankful’ They Missed NYC NYE, Dub Cyndi Lauper’s Horrific Performance ‘Nail in Coffin’

    Americans flooded social media milliseconds after Cyndi Lauper was heard howling over the microphone in an apparent 'attempt to sing.'

    New Yorkers Take to Times Square for First Concert Since March, Defying Gov. Cuomo’s Orders

    New York has tossed all coronavirus social distancing measures out the window as thousands took to Times Square Saturday night for a concert.

    Gov. Cuomo Gets Sweet $25K Pay Raise for Stressful Pandemic Ravaged Year

    He will enjoy a fluffy $25,000 pay raise due to the stress he undertook due to the pandemic.

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