Sunday, January 29, 2023
Sunday, January 29, 2023

    Pa. State Rep. Margo Davidson could become the first homeless lawmaker in history

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    Margo Davidson, a once-rising star in the Democratic Party who served nearly 9 years in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, is being sued for over $260k for defaulting on her mortgage, Your Content has exclusively learned.

    The Delaware County lawmaker abruptly stopped making monthly payments of $1,900 towards her mortgage in July 2014, court documents reveal. The lawsuit names Margo and her husband, Robert Davidson, adding to the politician’s dramatic and sordid fall from grace.

    It’s alarming that she won an election but lost her home.

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    “The Mortgage is in default because the monthly payments due July 01, 2014 and thereafter have not been paid.” Limosa Corporation said in the stunning lawsuit. “As a result, the entire principal balance, all interest due thereon and all other amounts collectible under the terms of the Mortgage have become due and payable.”

    • Pa. State Representative Margo Davidson could become the first homeless politician in history
    • Pa. State Representative Margo Davidson could become the first homeless politician in history

    However, the home is only valued at approximately $89k, according to Zillow, $171k short of the needed to cover the 1/4 million debt.

    Deputies attempted to serve Margo on several occasions from Sept. thru Dec. 2019 but had no luck, according to court documents that indicate deputies journeyed to two different addresses to serve the absconding politician.

    “The fact that authorities can’t locate a lawmaker to serve her with legal papers is incomprehensible and especially worrying,” said the Davidson insider. “I’m told Margo knows the jig is up. Her biggest fear is not being permitted to run for re-election, which is very possible if her house is foreclosed!”

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    What’s more, the disgraced lawmaker allegedly forced her husband to quit his janitorial duties in 2015 and run for office to help salvage their home, an insider close to the situation told Your Content.

    “The timing is peculiar because the mortgage payments came to a sudden halt at the same time her husband attempted to run for office as a district judge,” the insider told Your Content. “He lost the election after it surfaced that he wasn’t qualified to be a judge. That’s when Margo decided to run for a higher-paying position in Washington.”

    “Robert really had no intention of ever embarking on his own campaign trail. Then, Margo got a good look at their bank accounts and started to freak out, which is why Robert probably ran for office.”

    But Davidson shrugging off concerns that she’s hit rock bottom. “She’s isolated herself a lot from people by spending all her time out of town,” a snitch in Davidson’s shrinking circle told Your Content. “It must be a pretty lonely life.”

    Pa. State Rep. Margo Davidson could become the first homeless lawmaker in history
    Margo Davidson (center) at the historic swearing in of Rep. Movita Johnson Harrell (right) to the PA state House. The photo was captured just months before Johnson-Harrell was.

    Davidson’s close friend, state Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell, 53, is the 60th public official in Pennsylvania to have been arrested by Pa. Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s office since 2017. Johnson-Harrell was under the microscope of authorities after a bank foreclosed on her home in 2018, according to The Washington Post.

    A grand jury impaneled by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office accused Johnson-Harrell of stealing more than $500,000 from a nonprofit she founded, spending the money on vacations, designer clothes, fur coats and personal bills.

    Under a negotiated plea deal, she was sentenced to 11½ to 23 months in county jail, plus two years’ probation, the Inquirer reported.

    Pa. State Rep. Margo Davidson could become the first homeless lawmaker in history
    Movita Johnson-Harrell speaks at a news conference in Philadelphia on Dec. 19, 2018. Johnson-Harrell, a Pennsylvania state lawmaker, is facing charges after prosecutors accused her of stealing money from a nonprofit organization she founded. (📸: Matt Rourke/AP)

    “It’s time for her to cut the act and admit she had been lazy and negligent,” a source close to the situation and former Davidson staffer told Your Content. “She made a lot of money in the past, but she blew most of it on vacations, parties, business outings and the mounting legal bills.”

    “There’s worry she’s being singled out as the next Chaka Fattah, Vanessa Brown or Johnson-Harrell,” the insider continued. “It’s one betrayal or negative story after another. This only makes the Democratic leaders more convinced that Margo’s ‘classless’ behavior and hunger for money are a bigger threat to the party as a whole.”

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