Sunday, January 17, 2021
Sunday, January 17, 2021

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Twitter stock to ‘crash like meteor’ for mixing politics into app risking 48 percent of its users in single day

Twitter stock is on a downward spiral after mixing politics into the app—polarizing over 70 million users who plan to ditch the censored service.

World Health Organization Confirms China Refusing Entry to Epidemiologists

The World Health Organization says China has blocked the arrival of a team investigating the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

Inside the White House with President Trump: December 2020

President Donald Trump kept busy throughout December—and Your Content mapped out the best photos.

3 Active Shooters at Tennessee Walmart, No Vics Reported

A trio of active shooters are reportedly opening fire inside of a Walmart in Sevierville, Tennessee.

NEW NORM? Flight Attendants Wear Diapers to Prevent COVID-19

Cabin crew are being advised to diapers on charter flights in a bizarre attempt to reduce the chance of catching COVID-19.

Witness Says Harrah’s Casino Robber Ran ‘At-Least 25MPH’ on Foot, At-Large Carrying $24K in Loot

A man ‘ran faster than a withdrawing crackhead who just scored’ darting past witnesses at a rate of ‘at-least 25 miles per hour’ on foot.

Congressional Probe Found Over $1,000,000,000 in PPP Fraud

Double dipping companies snatched over $1 billion in emergency coronavirus aid relief.

15 People Shot Overnight in Philadelphia, Including Shooting Nearby Zoo Wounding Pregnant Woman

At least 15 people have been shot just since 9:30 p.m. Saturday, with a pregnant woman, several teens and a child among the victims.


Crazed Man Arrested at New D.C. Border for Carrying 500 Round of Ammo and UNREGISTERED GUN

The man was arrested at a security checkpoint in with an unregistered handgun and 500 rounds of ammunition.

All U.S. Federal Prisons Under Lockdown to ‘Prepare for Inauguration Day’

All federal prisons in the United States have been placed on lockdown in ‘preparation for Inauguration Day.’
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Decorated Philadelphia Police Staff Inspector Joseph Bologna CLEARED of Baseless Claim by DA Krasner

Decorated Staff Inspector Joseph Bologna Jr. was cleared Friday of wrongdoing during the Floyd riots.

Career Child Rapist Manuel Molina Arrested by Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division

Child rapist Manuel Molina has been arrested for raping a young teenage girl over the summer.
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