Monday, September 21, 2020
Monday, September 21, 2020

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Jonathan Lee Riches

Jonathan Riches is a Chief Investigative Correspondent & Justice Editor for Your Content. He is best known for his writings about prison reform and culture, including the social media scandal dubbed the ‘Feeling Cute Challenge' that shook the department of corrections to its core.
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Delaware County Prison Sergeant is ‘living hope that good guys exist’

Sgt. Joshua Thamarus, a little-known name makes impecible impact for all staff and inmates at George W. Hill Correctional Facility.

Michelle Troconis transported to hospital after posting $1.5m bond

Michelle Troconis is being transported to a local hospital after posting $1.5 million bond in connection to the murder of Jennifer Dulos.

GEO Group ‘led reporters’ on wild-goose chase that resulted in misleading report

Sgt. Joshua Thamarus misleadingly linked to neo-Nazi organization due to misleading information provided by The GEO Group.

Dulos: Attorney Kent Mawhinney’s mugshot after being charged with conspiracy to commit murder

Connecticut-based attorney Kent Mawhinney was arrested at gun point after Connecticut State Police located him in connection to an arrest warrant for charges...

Lawyer Kent Mawhinney arrested at GUN POINT in connection to Jennifer Dulos murder

Connecticut-based attorney Kent Mawhinney was arrested at gun point after Connecticut State Police located him in connection to an arrest warrant...

Fotis Dulos’ Lawyer ‘Relieved’ by Arrest Warrant, Asks Why ‘State Even Bothered’ to Charge Client with Murder

Fotis Dulos' attorney Norm Pattis is not worried nor concerned about the charges brought against his client, Fotis Dulos, in connection to the alleged murder of Jennifer Dulos.

Dulos: Connecticut Lawyer Kent Mawhinney Arrested for Charges Pertaining to the Murder of Connecticut Mom Jennifer Dulos Considered Fugitive, Source Close to the Investigation...

Connecticut State Police are searching for 52-year-old Kent Mawhinney in connection to the murder of missing mom Jennifer Dulos, sources confirm.


PHOTOGRAPHED: Homeless Man Who Derailed NYC Subway and LAUGHED Arrested

A Bronx man has been charged with criminal mischief after derailing a New York City train.

Pa. Mall Gunman At-Large After Shooting Up Lehigh Valley Mall, No Injuries Reported

The gunman remains on the loose Sunday morning, hours after dozens of police vehicles surrounded the building.
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New York City Man Arrested for Forcing Train Derailment in Manhattan

A man was arrested early Sunday after allegedly forcing an NYC subway train to jump the tracks and derail.

Nancy Pelosi Says She’ll Use Impeachment Resolution to Tie Up Senate Floor to Stop and Snatch RBG Pick

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday refused to rule out pushing forward a privileged impeachment resolution.
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