Sunday, June 13, 2021
Sunday, June 13, 2021

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Pete Kourkoulis » for Your Content

» Pete is a former Your Content intern from Georgetown University. He served as a Capital Hill Correspondent.
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White House Responds to DC Mayor, Says Her ‘Irresponsible Recommendations Will Go Absolutely Nowhere’

'As long as President Trump is in the White House, the mayor’s irresponsible recommendations will go absolutely nowhere.'

People Begin Reserving Their COVID-19 Body Suit to Avoid Getting Disease As Summer Nears

A coronavirus face mask that looks better suited to space travel than the daily commute will soon begin shipping to customers.

🦠 Chinese government in hazmat suits CAUGHT ON FILM spraying down entire country to ‘disinfect’ region of the deadly coronavirus

Chinese government claims the video depicts 'officials simply disinfecting' the city of Wuhan — but others say they're SPREADING the deadly virus.

Delco Rep. Davidson charged while driving with suspended license in taxpayer-funded car.. again

According to court documents we obtained, State Representative Margo Davidson (D-Pa.) was cited just a few weeks before her recent accident that left her with a stiff neck.

Trump’s meeting with Greek Prime Minister Tuesday

Trump met with the Greek leader in the Oval Office for talks Tuesday that are expected to cover defense cooperation, economic investment and energy security.

Gov. Wolf & AG Josh Shapiro: Dangers of Illegal Gas Pump ‘Skimmers’ 

Wolf Administration, Attorney General Announce Campaign Against Dangers of Illegal Gas Pump ‘Skimmers’ 

Local firefighters honored in Delaware County

Officials held an annual picnic thanking local firefighters in Delaware County on Wednesday, Aug. 23.

Trump speaks about opioid crisis — Pa. Gov agrees with plan

Pa. Governor agrees with Trump Administration when it comes to fighting the heroin epidemic. President Trump had a round table discussion at his golf club Tuesday New Jersey.


Trump reveals he’d like Pres. Biden ‘far better than’ himself if he were a foreign leader: ‘They will now get very rich’

Former President Trump confessed he too would like Biden far better than President Trump, because ‘he’d get rich.’

Michigan AG Dana Nessel deployed state police to have woman ‘picked up’ before going on Fox News

The state’s top cop wanted to cage and censor a woman before she went on national television to discuss coronavirus closures.
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Christine Quinn seeks to unseat crude Florida congresswoman who dubbed Trump voters ‘anti-American’

A fierce Florida businesswoman announced Wednesday that she would seek the Republican nomination for United States House of Representative in 2022.

Two Delta pilots become ‘industry laughing stock’ after crashing jetliners in ‘low-speed’ runway accident

Two Delta planes made contact with each other on the Hartsfield-Jackson tarmac late Tuesday night.
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