Friday, January 22, 2021
Friday, January 22, 2021

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Nik Hatziefstathiou, Anthony Loro, Hong Xie, and Jonathan Riches

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Senators Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, bankrolled by private prison, plan to advocate for Biden on Jan. 6

Senators Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell and Rick Scott are just 3 of a laundry web of Republicans who plan to sever ties with President Trump on Jan. 6.

Private Prisons Partner with Kamala Harris, Execs Swindle President Trump in Backhanded Delco Deal

George W. Hill Correctional Facility is just one of countless jails that secretly expanded operations in nineteen states.

Police Targeted in Philadelphia Region Dunkin’ Donuts Locations, K9 Pup Taunted by Coffee Man

Police officers throughout the City of Philadelphia have been frequent targets by staff at Dunkin' Donuts restaurants across the region.

Rioters Take the Streets of West Philadelphia to Commencement Night 2 of Riots, Delco Breached

Police are responding to reports a large crowd 'that caused issues last night' regathering in west Philly and suburbs have been locked down.

Eight Antifa Domestic Terrorists and Rioters Nabbed by Lancaster Cops, State Police for Building Bunker

Cops used an armored vehicle to destroy a makeshift barricade/bunker that was made by rioters.

Judge O’Neill Assigned Himself to Preside Over Cosby Trial, Worked with DA Steele on Charges

A former political insider revealed the depths the honorable court sunk to bring attention to a campaign following a botched publicity stunt.


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Files Lawsuit Against Biden for Allowing a 100-Day Freeze on Deportations

Texas is asking a court to stop President Joe Biden from allowing a 100-day moratorium on deportations.

Donald Trump invites troops abandoned in DC to stay at Trump Hotel

Any members of the National Guard are welcome to stay at Trump Hotel in D.C., the former president revealed.
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President Biden dubbed ‘disaster’ before first night sleep, lowest attendance in inaugural HISTORY

President Joe Biden’s first day has been an utter disaster—and he hasn’t even had a good nights sleep.

Twitter sets up new White House account for President Biden as staff struggle to finalize residence

Twitter didn’t waste a second after President Joe Biden took the oath of office—declaring ‘there’s a new White House.'
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