Wednesday, June 7, 2023
Wednesday, June 7, 2023
Wednesday, June 7, 2023


Kyle Rittenhouse vic testifies he wielded pistol at Rittenhouse before getting shot

The ‘victim’ was pointing his own gun at Rittenhouse when the young man shot him.

Man who chased Kyle Rittenhouse with gun says he may make $10M if Rittenhouse is convicted

“If Mr. Rittenhouse is convicted, your chance of getting 10 million bucks is better, right?” Rittenhouse’s defense team said.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer, Lin Wood, banned from Twitter

High-profile criminal defense attorney Lin Wood, who represents Kyle Rittenhouse, was banned from Twitter...

Kyle Rittenhouse Released from Prison on $2M Bail

The Illinois-native charged with killing two people during a riot in Wisconsin posted $2 million bail.

Kyle Rittenhouse Extradited to Wisconsin

A 17-year-old from Illinois accused of killing two demonstrators in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has been...

‘Where’s Kyle When You Need Him’ New Yorkers Cry As Antifa Terrorizes Big Apple

New Yorkers are calling on a Kyle to help them stop Antifa as they take a monstrous bite out of the Big Apple.

Lawyer for Kyle Rittenhouse to Sue Twitter for Wrongfully Convicting User with BAN, Vows to Take Their ‘A** Down’

Kenosha gunman-turned-icon Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyer plans to sue Twitter and threatens to take the CEO‘s 'a** down.’

‘80 Percent of People in Kenosha Support Kyle’ Locals Declare

Nearly ‘80% of people in the city support Kyle Rittenhouse’ as he prepares to stand trial.

President Trump Says Kyle Rittenhouse ‘Probably Would’ve Been Killed’ Had He Not Brought Gun

President Trump said Kyle Rittenhouse could've died by outraged members of Antifa hidden in crowds of peaceful protesters had he not brought a gun.

Rittenhouse Revolution? Donors Declare Kyle Acted in Self Defense, Hire Lawyers

Kyle Rittenhkuse has sparked a revolution rocking the core of the criminal justice system.

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